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Maritime Gloucester Pier To Be Named For Harriet Webster

Maritime Gloucester recently began the final stage of the restoration of the main pier. This project represents the culmination of a decade-long effort to upgrade our public waterfront access to Gloucester Harbor. We could not have accomplished this extraordinary task if not for the tireless efforts of our longtime executive director, Harriet Webster.

The pier will be named for Harriet in recognition of her many contributions to Maritime Gloucester.  Maritime Gloucester will host a ceremony dedicating the pier to Harriet and recognizing her public service to Gloucester on May 20, 2012 at 2:00 in the afternoon. We hope that you will be able to join us.


The board and staff of Maritime Gloucester and Harriet’s Family

Click on slideshow to see photos taken just today.

Maritime Gloucester Webcam, Yeah We Got That!

www.gloucesterwebcam.com just killing it!

The latest addition, the working docks of The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center now named Maritime Gloucester.   This one’s a beauty!


Now with 22 live Cape Ann webcams and more to come!

Still on tap- The Schooner Lannon webcam, and Schooner Adventure as well as a repositioning of the Cape Pond Ice cam where they fill the holds of the fishing fleet with ice on Gloucester Harbor, also a Dun Fudgin webcam from Cape Ann Marina and Mile Marker 1 webcam.

Have you checked it out yet?



Special thanks To Tim Blakeley from www.gloucesterbytes who has been installing the webcams at a reduced service rate because he believes in the project.

Barrence Whitfield Jamming With Willie Loco Alexander at GMHC August 7th

This is sure to be a fantastic event.

What I would like to point out and this banner is a classic example of graphic designers who design banners for poster flyers to go full page in coffee shops but not for the web.  Just a few days ago I had this intraweb conversation about the frustration of posting flyers with tiny font with Jo Castano from  http://www.artsgloucester.com/ and Kat Valentine from http://parlezmoiblog.blogspot.com/ who also will forward along community event fliers on their respective websites.

Maybe some graphc designers will read this and probably it should go into another post which I’ll get around to at some time. But for any people that design banners that will be viewed on the web please understand that the banner that you make to print out and go on walls of coffee shops with tiny font- that doesn’t translate too well to most blogs and web pages that are working with 500 pixels wide. Once your full sized poster gets shrunk down to 500 pixels wide it’s pretty much illegible.   If your intent is to get your message across to other mediums- you might want to think about using a little larger font size-just sayin.



For more info about how to attend- http://northshorejazzproject.org/blog/2010/06/aug-7th-barrence-whitfield-the-monkey-hips/

Ernestina Heads Out To Make “Official” Return

Like how the Paint Factory is framed by the Flag and the Ernestina?

I headed down early yesterday morning to get some footage of The Ernestina while in port. Thanks to Damon I got the heads up that she was in. I didn’t understand the crew’s reluctance to let me aboard until later when I found out that she supposed to make a “Grand” entrance with escorts and all later that morning.
Here the skipper readies her to leave the harbor so they could make a formal entrance an hour or so later.

Gorton’s Seafoods Gallery At Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Getting pictures of stuff behind glass is a challenge, especially without a tripod and with funky lighting but this gives you a little glimpse of some of Gloucester’s fishing past which has been preserved and displayed here.  You just gotta go check out the exhibit at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.  These are original advertisement and packaging from Gorton’s back in the day.  There’s just a ton to look at and discover here.

Pete Mondello Hard At Work While Katherine Richmond Paints The Handline Dory At Geno’s Dory Shop

Here we see Pete cozied up to the wood stove while Katherine applies another coat to the inside of the Handline Dory which will be raffled off to support the International Dory Races.

Red Baron Lobster Boat Model At GMHC Gift Shop

Here’s another comparison of The Red Baron lobster boat model and Mark Ring’s lobster boat The Stanley Thomas.  Note the same windows in the trunk cabin.  Note the same color scheme.  Note the same hand rails along the roof.  Mark Ring has since taken the windows out of the trunk cabin in The Stanley Thomas (the photo was taken in 2002).

Red Baron Lobster Boat Model At GMHC Gift Shop

Normally I wouldn’t post a picture of a Lobster Boat Model but in this case, this particular lobster boat model looked almost like an exact replica of the Stanley Thomas, Mark Ring’s Lobster Boat.  They sell these models at The GMHC gift shop.

Here’s The Stanley Thomas

Stanley Thomas Tied Up To The Dock

Stanley Thomas Tied Up To The Dock

Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center Gift Shop

If you are looking for a Mother’s or Father’s day gift with a Gloucester flair, look no further than the GMHC gift shop. There are literally hundreds of Gloucester themed items for sale.

click on the picture to view the video-

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2019113&dest=-1]

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