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GMG Stonewashed Caps Are In For The People That Ordered Them!!!! Unboxing Video

GMG Stonewashed caps are in!!! Let Me Know If You Would Like To Pick Them Up.

You can come down the dock and pick yours up any day from 5AM-8:45AM or 10AM-12:00PM at our lobster dock.

If you want it shipped I can ship it instead.

I’ll also have them tonight at our "East Meets West" Show at Castle Manor Inn at 6PM Info- https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/east-goes-west/

For pick up-

Captain Joe and Sons, 95 East Main Street, Gloucester MA

Also I’m placing orders for specific sizes of the new GMG Dry Fit Shirts short and long sleeve, Navy, White or Black.

If you would like to be assured that one in your size and preferred color is available for that first printing you’ll need to order by Thursday.

To pre order GMG Dry-Fit shirts for first week of August Delivery-


2013 GMG Blackburn Challenge Live Blog

Follow Our Boy Paul Morrison on his journey around Cape Ann aboard kayak via his cool Rubber duck tracker (works great on smartphones too)

For The Paul Morrison rubber duck tracker Click Here

Send in any photos from the race and I’ll post them to the live blog.

Look for Mr Rubber Duck and Paul he’ll be wearing a bright orange shirt-

2013-07-15 11.38.40-2

Paul writes-

Park in front of Gloucester High School at 7AM tomorrow and go out back and check out these boats! High Tech SUP paddleboards, tandem canoes, sliding multi rowing boats, fixed multirowing boats, Banks Dory, Workboats, fixed and sliding doubles and singles, outrigger canoes single and double, sea kayaks single and double, fast sea kayaks, high performance kayaks, even Hawaii Five Oh outriggers with everyone yelling hut! hut! hut! 225 boats all told.

Or hang out somewhere on the shoreline or on Pavillion beach after 11AM and watch these boats race to the greasy pole finish line. Whatever you do, do not stay inside on this beautiful weekend clicking on the Rubber Duck Tracker! OK, maybe once, then get in a boat and get out there.

Cape Ann Rowing Club (website) puts on a great circumnavigation of Cape Ann Race every year. This is the 27th running.

7:17AM Update:

Looks like Paul and RD have made their way to the Race Start out behind GHS-



Looks like he’s in starting position just off Dun Fugin.


8:09AM Update:

Aaaaand he’s off!


8:56 Update:

Up The Annisquam they go-


9:42 Update:

Working their way toward the tip if the Cape-


10:33 Update”

Heading Southeast Off Rockport-


12:32 Update-

Approaching Brace Cove


1:57 Update:

He Made It!


Wow–The Guys are Loving Their Awesome New GMG Caps!

Send in photos of your new GMG cap!

Joey new cap -1 ©Kim Smith 2013


Chris DeWolfe from Mamie’s Kitchen Stylin!


Lots of cap smack talk, too!

Live Blogging: The Hat of the Century

Live hat blogging: First Catch


I literally feel so sorry for anyone who didn’t order one of our caps.

GMG Local Twitterati Report 7/7/13

GMG Local Twitterati Report 7/3/13

GMGers Infiltrate Monster Rubber Duck HQ In Tsim Sha Tsui, Across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island

Laurence Kent Jones submits-

Dear Joey,
I’m a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, married to Julee Allen.  We have a home off Washington St, and have been flitting in and out of Gloucester over the last several years while assigned and living overseas, first in Haiti and then in Hong Kong. 

We’ve very much enjoyed the VERY LARGE rubber ducky than has been moored off the Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island.  The Hong Kong People have enjoyed it too, and there was always a large or larger crowd around it, gawking and wondering, but mostly, in the honored Asian tradition, taking pictures, especially of each other in front of the ducky with their cell phones and tablet computers. 

Since there’s been some interest in GMG, I’m sending a portfolio, including some pics of Julee and me representing and a bunch of B&W Infra-Red shots from my greatly modified big Canon.  Feel free to use as you see fit.  I hope you enjoy them in any case.  I do think the Monster Homey should come to Gloucester, but I gather the artist is being very cagey about the next stop…

2013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime Pan 011-0132013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 0232013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 0412013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 0432013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 046 cropped

2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Portraits From David Cox

For more pictures and videos from the event Click Here

and also check out the Event Facebook Page Here

2013 GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Action Shots From David Cox

Once again I’d like to thank Rick Doucette and Camp Spindrift for being incredible hosts and for everything they did to make this event successful.

If you ever have a need for a spot for a corporate outdoor function, wedding or family reunion, Camp Spindrift is the perfect spot.  Contact Rick Doucette at the Cape Ann YMCA for details on how you can rent the facility.


I’m still having trouble processing just what went down yesterday.

First off we cannot thank enough Rick Doucette and his staff The Cape Ann YMCA for hosting this year’s tournament.  For their help setting up and with the transportation back and forth to the Wingersheek parking lot.  Camp Spindrift if you haven’t been there since you were a kid is the absolute perfect spot for a corporate outing, wedding, pig roast (next year during the tourney) or any other time you are looking for intimate space for your event.  Contact Rick at The YMCA to book your event at Camp Spindrift.

Then you gotta talk about the team that put this thing together over the past three months.  Frankie Gwynne has worked relentlessly pouring over the minute details and making sure everything ran smoothly, designed the flyers and T Shirts just a tremendous amount of thanks to Frankie.  Ryan Cox (AKA Mr Bentley) the MAN who just says yes, Can we do it?  YES, every time, organizationally Ryan made so much happen.  Brad Atkinson and the Farm Staff who set up the fields.

Matty K, the worlds Greatest DJ.  Soup, the Bracketologist who made sure we had the right teams lined up to go.

My co-contributors from GMG including super patient Kim Smith who shot the Harlem Shake video.  Craig Kimberley who shot and will undoubtedly bring the most entertaining Dodgeball video and interviews that anyone could ever produce, David Cox Brian O’Connor and Donna Ardizzoni who must have shot a gazzilion photos which y’all will see soon. My boy the Rabbit who shot lots of photos as well.

Desi Smith from the Gloucester Daily Times who took time out of a packed weekend to come cover the Tournament, CBS Boston who has a gallery from the event.

Bill Kubichek who graced us with the Evil Knevil speedo get-up and rousing National anthem to kick things off and Aria McElhenny from Next Step.

Lauren Mears from Jungle Silkscreening who got our t shirts printed way below budget and included high quality dry-fit technical t’s for the event.

Jen Amero who helped spread the word as well.

Hope I didn’t forget anyone, I probably did, my head is still pretty foggy.

But the event doesn’t take place without the competitors who brave the cold and donate their money to the cause.  Our competitors that take the time to plan their team’s themes , pick out their entrance music and put together their costumes.  It was just a whoooole lot of fun.

The Farm guys including Ryan Cox, Brad Atkinson and Noah Goldstein have created an incredible family of regulars who make that place special.  You walk into the Farm and no matter who is behind the bar you feel welcome, and like you’re part of the Farm Family-

Farmers for life.

Frankie Gwynne- You Are The Man!

Congratulations to two time back to Back Champions- Blinded By the White- sponsored by Ed Collard’s Housedoctor’s Handyman Services.

Tons of pictures and videos to come-

We can start with some from Lowell Peabody-


and a video before things got started from Kim Smith-

Brian O’Connor Photos-


The Details(also available on The Event Facebook Page Here)

Don’t Be The Dope That Misses Saturday’s GMG/Farm Bar and Grille 3rd Annual Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament

I personally guarantee you will have the best time you’ll have all year.


We will be filming another contestant and fan Harlem Shake Video, get there by 11:00AM to be in the Harlem Shake Taping.  If you have a funny helmet, mask or costume bring it because it will make the video that much more nuts.

The Details(also available on The Event Facebook Page Here)

Saturday, March 16, 2013 11:30am until 4:30pm in EDT


The Farm Bar & Grille and Good Morning Gloucester together with YMCA Camp Spindrift present the 3rd annual outdoor bikini/speedo dodgeball tournament to benefit Next Step, a charity that provides aid to children and young adults with life threatening illnesses (www.nextstepnet.org)

YMCA Camp Spindrift

57 Atlantic Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

View Map · Get Directions

2012 Video from Craig Kimberley

This year we filled up the 20 team brackets in under 20 hours because anyone at all that went last year knew just how insanely fun it was.

Pics from 2012-
















Kim Smith’s 2012 Video-

2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament T Shirts

We’re not getting regular old cotton t shirts. Working with Jungle Silkscreening we’re taking it to the next level and getting dri fit technical t shirts!
There will also be t shirts for sale at the event. Just another way to reward our competitors!


We are less than two weeks away from the most fun event you’ll have with your clothes off!

I hope to see you all there on March 16th to support your favorite Dodgeballers and or charity- Next Step.  An organization that makes life better for young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases.

Big time thanks to Rick Doucette and Camp Spindrift where the event will be held.  Camp Spindrift is available for rent for your corporate or family event!

Muffy White’s Muff Riders Captain Tad Is Gunning For The Competition In This Year’s GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament At Spindrift

There’s not much more that repulses me more than double denim but if I had to say there was something, it would be a hairy dude wearing a double denim cutoff denim shirt/denim speedo combination.

Makes me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth.


That being said if you don’t think Muffy’s Muff Riders are bringing the heat, you’ve got another thing coming.

I hope to see you all there on March 16th to support your favorite Dodgeballers and or charity- Next Step.  An organization that makes life better for young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases.


These Team Uniforms make Brokeback Mountain Look Like A Rambo Movie


Remember Camp Spindrift is available for your functions year round.  The perfect spot for a wedding or corporate team building function.

2013 GMG/ Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament Teams- It’s Comin Baby! March 16th

BAC in Black
Ass With Class
Red, White and Blueballs
Formerly American Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Blinded By The White
Muff Riders
Speedo Cops: The Long $#@! of the Law
Power Snatch
Pistol Whip
Mamie’s Dodgefathers
The Rough Putters
Jungle Fever
Krazy Ivan’s
BAC in Action
Great Balls For Hire
The Dirty Luchadors
Scared Hitless
Dont Neglect the Balls
Swiss Farmy Knives
Barely Legal


Wanna Talk About Class? Ryan and Wood Distillery Has It In Spades

I knew the Dodgeball rosters would get filled quickly and we would round out the 20 team brackets in a day or so.

Even though Ryan and Wood didn’t get a team submitted this year Bobby Ryan emailed to tell me that he still wanted to help sponsor the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift.

That’s what you call being a community organization.  that’s what you call class.

Ryan and Wood Beauport Vodka, Knockabout Gin, Folly Cove Rum.  If you’re not drinking the highest quality spirits made locally or anywhere you’re doing a major disservice to your liver.


Like them on Facebook

Follow Them on Twitter

Check Out Their Live Distillery Cam-



Check out the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift Facebook Page Here

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