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Just Moved The GMG Search Box To The Top Right Corner of The Blog

Thanks to a suggestion from one of our FOB’s that the search box can be difficult to find I just moved it to the very top right hand column of our page.

For those of you who subscribe and get the email blast which is an aggregation of the days posts, you can get here by clicking the title of any post and it will bring you to the blog where you can go to the top right hand column and search for anything GMG related that you may have heard about if it’s not still on the front page.



Using The Good Morning Gloucester Search Feature To Find A Subject You May Be Interested In

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people asking for pictures or videos that have been posted in the past. I’m happy to find these things for folks but it occured to me that people must not either understand that I categorize everything that gets posted and also attach “tags” which are associated words which a search engine would pick up if you were looking for a particular thing, or they just don’t know that there is a GMG search engine to begin with.

Along the right hand column there is a search engine. It is below the “Get The GMG Podcast” Button and above the “Recent Comments” section.

Click this text to see a video of how it works

I’ll be giving more lessons on how to get more out of this blog and others.

There are many features you can use to navigate and find interesting things including the category links at the bottom of the page, the search engine, the calendar, and the older posts text near the bottom of the page. I think many people only think that the blog exists as one page and they can’t go back in time by clicking the older posts button. Most blogs including this one are rolling through with the newest posts at the top and as new posts are added the previous one gets bumped down one. Then when a certain number of posts are reached it goes to the second page which you can find by clicking the older posts text at the bottom, and so on and so on back through the timeline of the blog.

I hope this helps. Click on the highlighted text so you can visualize if you can’t understand the wording. Sometimes it’s easier to see it rather than follow written directions. Tomorrow I will highlight the older posts text in a video for those who might not get it.

Inside GMG- 2/2/09 Searches That Brought People To GMG

I thought some of the regular GMG readers might be interested in a list of searches performed yesterday that brought people to these pages-

good morning gloucester 10  
f/v patriot gloucester 8  
hydrangea centerpieces 7  
gloster seagull boat 5  
f/v patriot pictures 5  
annisquam yacht club 3  
rotten fish pictures 3  
f/v patriot 3  
goodmorninggloucester.org 3  
supreme roast beef gloucester ma 3  
fried clams 2  
good morning gloucester sara elizabeth s 2  
wooden projects 2  
peace sports 2  
rotten fish 2  
allotment 2  
joe sushi 2  
chelsea creek east boston designated por 2  
lobster buoys 2  
evelina m. goulart 2  
gloucester clue tree 2  
line of lemmings 2  
jay albert photography 2  
steak bomb 2  
good morning gloucester sarah elizabeth 2