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James Dowd Breaks Down Our "unoffical" just-for-fun completely non-scientific poll (Surprise Our Margin Of Error Was Better Than Gallup)

James writes- You guys aren’t going to believe this- But your average margin of error for your “unofficial” just-for-fun completely non-scientific poll was 2.48. That’s better than Rassmussen That’s better than Gallup The only four errors of the poll were, … Continue reading

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GMG Poll Question- Vote For The Style Of The Blog

As you know if you’ve been a reader of GMG for any amount of time at all we post a lot of pictures and videos. The format of the blog is such that the current style only allows us to post … Continue reading

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How Did You Find GMG? -Poll

Please tell how you found us if your answer isn’t listed

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Home Price Article From the Wall Street Journal and GMG House Price Poll

Good Egg and Big Time Gloucester Businesswoman Ruth Pino forwarded  this article to me- click the highlighted text below for the full article Home Prices Sink Again, but Pace Is a Bit Slower Drop of 18.6% for February Is Widespread, … Continue reading

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Have You Altered Your Spending Habits Since The Economic Downturn Poll

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GMG Poll

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