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GMG Rubber Duck Fundraising Race Event On Tap For This Spring

With The Stupid Amount Of Rubber Ducks Arriving Daily, City Councilor Melissa Cox Came Up With Yet Another One Of Her Brilliant Ideas-

A GMG Rubber Duck Race At The Good Harbor Beach Creek.

We Will Need Duck Collectors In Wet Suits To Insure No Wayward Ducks Make Their Way To The Ocean On The Outgoing Tide.


So here’s what I’m thinking

When we announce it this spring we go down to the Good Harbor Footbridge, sell ducks for $5 a pop, number them and put folks names corresponding to that number on the sheet and get some swag gifts from area businesses and do 25% of the money collected to the winner of the duck race and 75% going to a local charity. From the footbridge to a lobster pot line stretched across the entrance to the creek.  we could also have a huge picnic party on the bank of the creek at Good harbor Leading up to it!

Sound Good?