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Gloucester Speaks – Wayne Soini Interviewed by Shep Abbott


Shep Abbott, (film/video producing, directing, and writer), video tapes an interview with Wayne Soini author of “Gloucester’s Sea Serpent”, for the documentary “Gloucester Speaks”.



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Wayne Soini                             Shep Abbott

Gloucester Sea Serpent, in dollar bill origami

The infamous Gloucester Sea Serpent attacking some schooners.  In my dollar-bill-origami rendition, I further enhance the already fanciful descriptions of the sea monster, giving it four horns instead of just one…

No dollar bills were cut, glued, or otherwise damaged (beyond folding) in this production.  All models designed and folded by me.

Do you think I might have an overactive imagination?

Gloucester’s Sea Serpent – comes alive with author Wayne Soini


Wayne Soini


Wayne Soini a Gloucester native wrote a book about the Gloucester Sea Serpent – Book signing will be held Saturday October 16th 6:00 PM at River’s Edge Fine Gifts Ipswich Ma. 

Also Serving Wine and Cheese 

Yours truly also contributed to the book with current photos of Gloucester and Roseanne Cody provided from her old postcard collection, areas where the Sea Serpent was spotted.

 View Slide_show of people already enjoying the book.


 NOTE: Gloucester’s Sea Serpent by History Press tells the story of the sea serpent that came into Gloucester Harbor in August, 1817.  Gloucester’s Justice of the Peace Lonson Nash gathered affidavits for a book edited by an ambitious, serious committee composed of Judge John Davis of the Federal District Court in Boston, president of the Linnaean Society of New England, Francis Calley Gray, former diplomat and member of the Massachusetts Bar, and Dr. Jacob Bigelow, M.D., a University of Pennsylvania graduate who taught at the Harvard Medical School.  Their book was universally rejected because they concluded that a mutant, rumplebacked black snake found in September, 1817 in a hay-field off of Loblolly Cove in Gloucester (today: Rockport) was the sea serpent’s baby.