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VIDEO: PASTAIO VIA CORTA- Fresh Hand Made Pasta in Glosta!

It’s a dream come true! Yes, fresh daily-made by hand pasta has come to 11 Center Street in downtown Gloucester. I had some last night, and OMG! It’s stunning! Support our local businesses folks!!


If you were wondering why there were Greasy Pole Walkers seemingly everywhere Sunday afternoon, it’s because the boat to take them to the pole was a no show. The Walkers waited out the delay at Saint Peter’s Club before heading through the fair grounds to the beach. Next stop was the Greasy Pole Walker’s shrine, then to the dock. Back at the beach some Walkers decided to swim to the pole, when at long last a kindly yachtsman picked up the Walkers and gave them a lift to the pole.Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers -5 copyright Kim SmithSunday Greasy Pole Walkers -1copyright Kim Smith Kyle Barry Steve LeBlanc Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers copyright Kim Smith

Solar Voyager: Gloucester to Lisbon Needs your Help!

Two days ago as Solar Voyager was whirring along under solar power from Gloucester to Lisbon 60 miles south of Sable Island and something happened. One of two motors conked out and it was tossed around, submerged a bit, maybe dragged by something. Two days later the motor is still out. The most likely explanation is that fishing line is wrapped around a propeller.

After two days I'm getting a little dizzy!

After two days I’m getting a little dizzy!

Last night Solar Voyager tweeted: “We could really use some help! Anyone know anyone who fishes in the Grand Banks or has a boat in Nova Scotia?


If you know anyone in the area fishing you can find the GPS coordinates refreshed ever 15 minutes here. Leave comments on this post if you think you might know someone. There is only a 7 knot breeze and 1 foot waves so it should be easy to spot. Think of a large aluminum kayak painted blue. I doubt there are many that size out there.

[edit] add photo of props (photo is from the Gloucester High School Sailing Facebook page)

[second edit] Read comments from Solar Voyager.

One prop jammed and the rudder is not happy either. Line might be wrapping a prop and dangling off hitting the rudder.

One prop jammed and the rudder is not happy either. Line might be wrapping a prop and dangling off hitting the rudder.


Amy and Dyland Kerr copyright Kim SmithAmy and Daughter Dylan Kerr

A wonderful turnout for Amy Kerr’s exhibit at the Paint Factory! Her beautiful works are on display through this Sunday only.Amy Kerr exhibit paint Factory -6

Amy Kerr exhibit Sandy Paint Factory

Paint Factory copyright Kim SmithSunset Gloucester Harbor from the Paint Factory copyright Kim SmithLast night’s sunset over the Fort from the Paint Factory patio

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