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To the editor:

The recent Gloucester Daily Times headline and story about the wind turbines (“No windfall from turbines,” May 29) was typical quality from this newspaper — a misleading headline and a lack of facts. Two points I would like to make — when my administration was working to make the turbines a reality, we were taking a stab in the dark in terms of revenue projections. We always estimated between $400,000 and $450,000 per year. As they came online and experienced down time, as well as mandatory shutdowns for two hours a day during the summer months per the City Council special permits, the revenue is tracking at over $350,000 per year. On top of that, the owner-operator makes a tax payment to the city of $40,000 per year as part of the power purchase agreement. We came darn close to our projected revenue range.

Read the full rebuttal here: Turbine Story Off Base

Gloucester’s First Wind Turbine Photo Licensed for a Textbook

Gloucester First Wind Turbine ©Kim Smith 2012

I thought everyone would like to know that a photo of mine, Gloucester’s First Wind Turbine, has been licensed for a million-run children’s textbook on wind farming. I think its pretty exciting that our turbine and Gloucester Harbor will be featured not only in one million textbooks, but in the electronic version of the book as well. Upon publication, the publisher is sending a copy of the book and I plan to donate it to the Sawyer Free Library. This photo was shot at daybreak last October while filming the barge transporting the wind turbine through Gloucester Harbor.

Thanks to a google search, I found this very handy Stock Photo License Pricing for Editorial Use chart and it really helped to negotiate a fair price: Photographers Index

City of Gloucester Wind Turbine 11/27/2012

City of Gloucester Wind Turbine 11/27/2012

First Blade Loaded 10/17/2012

First Blade Loaded 10/17/2012