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Gloucester UK article about Gloucester MA “bomb cylcone” storm

Bomb cyclone: If you thought snow in Gloucester, UK, was bad, think about Gloucester, Massachusetts. They’ve got floods AND snow by Ed Stilliard http://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk

“…Homes evacuated and without power, motorists abandoning cars in the snow and temperatures well below freezing. That Armageddon-sounding tone might sound like Gloucestershire under snow last week, but that is just a snap-shot of life in Gloucester, Massachusetts, right now…”

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The Gloucester UK/US Connection

From Linn Parisi-

Hi Joey,

Got this alert from the Gloucestershire UK destination marketing organization executive director whom I’ve been communicating with re: the Gloucester UK/US connection.

The article was in their local paper’s equivalent of the GD Times’ Saturday “Talk of the Times”, on 1/4/10.
Very cool for Gloucester US, the lobster pot tree and Art Haven buoys!
With Art Haven’s Buoy Auction coming up, I thought it would be a good time to share the article and to let everyone know how far reaching the news about the lobster pot tree and Gloucester extends.
We’re all giving it our best shot at getting Gloucester out there, right?!
Thanks again for all you do-      Linn

The Gloucester UK/US connection, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Fork it…a Gloucester Allotment

Check out this blog from across the pond in Gloucester, UK.

It details what looks to be a public garden restoration project.

Here is a picture from the blog showing what its all about-

Allotments in Gloucester UK

Check out the blog here- Fork it…a Gloucester Allotment

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