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Breaking News: The Gloucester Tri May Be Coming Back If CK Has Anything To Do With It!!!


Dear 2009 Gloucester Triathlon participant,
You are the first to hear some exciting news!  We have been contacted by Mayor Carolyn Kirk to bring BACK the Gloucester Triathlon. Thanks to YOU, we had a wildly successful 2009 Gloucester Triathlon. We are thrilled to stage the event again in one of favorite race venues. 

We hope to have as soon as possible final approval from the City Council and other various department heads for a September race date (after Labor Day weekend).

IMPORTANT – to show your support for this event and to join our 2012 email list please gohere.  If you are a Facebook user follow the race here.

Here is Mayor Kirk’s letter of support for the 2012 Gloucester Triathlon.
SPREAD THE WORD – the triathlon is coming back!!

Bill Burnett

Streamline Events, LLC


Thanks Deane Gyllenhaal for the heads up!

Statement From The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association About Next Year’s Gloucester Triathlon

"The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association has decided not to host the annual Gloucester Fisherman Sprint Triathlon in 2012, as we’ve done since its creation in 2009. The triathlon takes a huge amount of time and resources to organize and run, so the GFAA plans instead to focus on other efforts that better support our fundraising goals. We are immensely grateful to all who participated in the Gloucester Tri and helped make it possible the last three years. The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association remains more committed than ever to helping all of Gloucester’s children participate in the sport of their choice, regardless of financial circumstances."

-Janda Ricci-Munn, founder/race coordinator, Gloucester Fisherman Sprint Triathlon

Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association



click the photo below for a slide show of past Gloucester Fishermen Triathlon photos

Mayor Kirk carries Gloucester Pride on her shoulders to the Finish Line




The Second GFAA Triathlon IS On!

The date has been set and the course laid out for the second annual Gloucester Tri.  1/3 mile swim-bike 15.5 miles and run 3.1 miles.

August 8th 2010 and if you are interested I would sign up immediately.  Last year’s event was an incredible success and after speaking with a ton of the athletes they all planned to return.  So I would get your entry form in ASAP if you want to compete.

There is a ton of information on the website so get to it and chickity check it by clicking on the picture below

click the picture to check out the official website

Mayor Kirk Running The Gloucester Tri Pic From Donna Ardizzoni

Donna Ardizzoni is the definition of Good Egg. The woman is everywhere!  She volunteers to help pick up before AND  after the Block Parties, she volunteers to help with the Gloucester Tri, she organizes the weekly One Hour at a Time Gang which picks a spot around the city and cleans it up and she also contributes photos for GMG!

Thanks Donna for all that you do.

For a list of links to all theGMG Gloucester Triathlon coverage click this text

Maggie Liljegren and Amy Foster At The Gloucester Tri

Comments from Amy-

I love the pictures on your site. Glad whoever got the shot of me running at the finish took it when they did—that woman behind me was just about to blow by me!

Anyway, I was really, really impressed by the race today. I think the first time people/cities put on new events they go through some growing pains, but this event was very well run. The logistics were well thought out and it seemed very organized–to the participants at least. But what really made this race was the volunteers. There were tons of them and they not only gave direction and moved things along, but they were all cheering and it really helped people like me who were dying on certain parts of the course! I’m also impressed that they started and ended the race downtown. Now I need to get my act together so I don’t die in the swim next year. Maybe we should get you to do it too????

Amy DiAdamo Foster

Gloucester Tri Scenes Part II – Video Footage From Paul Frontiero

Click picture to view

Click picture to view

Much thanks to Paul for coming to grab my camera and braving the traffic to get these shots for us.

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