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The Midnight Sun’s Dual Net Reels

Having Two Net Reels On The Stern of The Midnight Sun means that if they tear up the net on the bottom of the ocean by snaring it on some jagged rocks and tearing a hole right into the belly of the net, they only have to set back with the net on the other net reel and can continue fishing.  In the old days if a dragger “tore up” the net on their boat with a single net they would have to head for home and mend the net.

The Midnight Sun sure is a pretty boat.  She always looks majestic and the Testaverde’s keep her maintained well.

Here she is getting fuel at the State Fish Pier.




Welding Aboard The Princess Laura


The fisherman in the picture is welding the trawl doors.  The trawl doors separate the net as it travels through the water to provide the maximum spread.  The larger the mouth of the net, the more chance to catch fish.
Fishermen will tinker with the way the doors are weighted  to achieve the optimal spread.

Pictures From Matteo Russo’s Patriot

Usually when I photograph a boat I only post about a third of the pictures that I take.  I weed through and cull out the best shots.  There were a bunch from the Patriot that were left in the folder and never got posted so there will be a few more photos from different angles in the pilot house and engine room.

Pictures From Matteo Russo’s Patriot Engine Room

There aren’t too many engines that you would place a sandwich down on top of and then pick it back up to eat, but Matteo maintained his boat meticulously.