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Locals Insider Tip- Gloucester To Provincetown Ferry Half Off

I have had a couple people tell me that when you book the Gloucester to PTown Ferry through the Boston Harbor Cruises website when you get to the check out it gives you half off.

Here is the website –  Boston Harbor Cruises Gloucester To PTown Ferry

You could save some serious dough.   Don’t buy them until you are sure it gives you the discount but see for yourself.  I have it on good authority.

I just checked and these are the quoted prices from their website which is way less than if you purchase at the boat-

Round Trip
IMPORTANT: WHEN PURCHASING A ROUND TRIP TICKET YOU MUST SELECT BOTH THE OUTBOUND AND RETURN TICKETS INDIVIDUALLY. The round trip price shown below reflects the fare for one leg of your round trip. To complete your round trip purchase, please select your outbound tickets below and place them in your cart. When the outbound tickets have been placed in your cart, please select your return leg from menu on the left. Once your correct outbound and return tickets appear in your cart you may checkout to complete the round trip purchase.
Event Date/Time: 8/9/2008 8:30 AM
Adult Round Trip (13-64) $43.00
Senior Roundtrip (65+) $40.50
Child Roundtrip (3-12) $38.00

Stephanie Buckner and Gordan Michaels Mates On The Glou-PTown Ferry

Here are two of the crewmates Stephanie and Gordon aboard the ferry to Provincetown.  They were both very friendly and accommodating, posing for pictures for the blog.  This picture is in the galley where they serve food for the two and a half hour trip.

Gordon is a singer and will be performing in Gloucester soon.

Gloucester To Provincetown Ferry

Here is the loading ramp which looks to be very handicapped accessible.

They say the trip is worth it for the whale watching alone. A mate described Provincetown  as Bearskin Neck type destination times four.  He also told me there are many activities you can do in Provincetown outside of the tourist section.