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Live blogging: What a sunset! #gloucesterma

The Ipswich Bay view tonight. (click the photo for larger image)

The iPhone camera can’t even recreate the amazing colors that happened!

What a color change in 2 minutes! I bet you’ll see a few shots of this here on GMG.

Thank you!

From the Sun Up~Sun Down calendar

The calendars have been a popular item this year! So much so, I’ve had find someone to print them. Well, Bill Loicano at Seaside Graphics and his crew have been incredible. We’re now on the third calendar and as soon as that’s done, they’ll have to re-print the first one! A big thank you to the guys at Seaside! What a huge time saver for me!

And another big thank you goes out to everyone who has been supporting the sales of the calendars –Joey,Paul, Joanne, Amanda, everyone at Present– THANK YOU!

Here’s the link to the calendars and if you’re around town this weekend, be sure to stop in at Present at 271 Main St. across from Animal Krackers!

Sunset Rock


This is our Backyard In The Snow. Great view of Sunset Rock with our Vernal Pond in the Foreground.

Due to enviromental Laws we’re not allowed to do much Lawnscaping other than mow, and trim some bushes.

When the conditions are right the Pond makes a great personal Skating rink.

In the Spring the Peepers and Banjo frogs are so loud you can hardly hear yourself.

In a Dry Summer most of the water in the Pond disappears.  The Pond is still active at that time with Blue Herrons, White Egrets,  Humming Birds,  Dragonflys, Foxes and whatever else can land on and crawl around in the Mud.

It’s a very interesting Place.

Can You Guess Why They Call it Sunset Rock?

Sunset Rock Glows

Guess why it's called Sunset Rock