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Barry and Debbie Pollock Represent!

Hiya joey.  I stopped by to try to grab a decal and missed you….but… beth swan was a sweetie and emailed a

hi-res image, so I made my own… check out ‘homie’s tail sticking out..  we had gone to so. beach miami for a day too but this was my favorite shot.. "queen Mary" is her name and I don’t even know the whole legand behind her and the big show at Stan’s at old marco.. she might have been the first lady gaga for all I know!  post it if you like and keep up the vigil!

barry "cuda" pollock, debbie pollock, maria davis, chris davis

gmg at stan's on marco

Janice Lloyd Represents! (with actual Buffalo)

Homie had a busy week last week travelling to alot of windy places…if you want
to use any of these, please feel free.  There were actual buffalo on the
opposite side of the road from the Buffalo Wildlife sign but I didn’t want to
get Homie to close to their glaring eyes not to mention mouths!
I drove my co-workers crazy making them stop to take these pictures, but in the
end we all had alot of fun!
Janice Lloyd




I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Luda Yarovenko Represents! In Paris

Doug Brendel Writes-

Hi, Joey! Greetings from the former Soviet Union! I arrived in Minsk, Belarus, last night, and the first thing our Belarusian staff member Luda Yarovenko wanted to show me was a photo her husband Oleg took on their recent vacation in Paris! They didn’t have an actual bumper sticker, and they didn’t have an image of the new one – all they could do was print out an image of the old one! But they were determined to REPRESENT AT THE EIFFEL TOWER! Eastern Europe, Western Europe, doesn’t matter: Good Morning Gloucester is loved the world over!
Doug Brendel

Gloucester in Paris

Lauren and Ted Represent!

Hey Joey! Ted and I are having a cross country adventure! 2nd stop Winona, Minnesota! This is our girl Sophie Gail in the hotel. Hope to be sending you loads of shots from around our beautiful country!  Cheers! Lauren


Looks like life after Last Stop is not so bad!


Do I insert the cheesy Last Stop not being the Last Stop joke here?  nah.

Stuart Roberts Represents!


Hi Joey,
I don’t know if you only include Gloucester residents in the ‘GMG represents’ photos.
Anyway I am not a resident, but I was on vacation there in 2009 and still read your blog every day. Will definitely be coming back sometime!
Here is a photo of me at Lake Louise in the Rockies this Summer with my GMG sticker.
If you can’t put this on the blog I will understand completely.
Regards & keep up your good work
Stuart Roberts
Southport, UK

Thanks for sending in your photo Stuart!!!!!!  These are exactly the types of pictures we love to see.  Da Sticka in exotic locations!

Have you received a GMG sticker in the mail and failed to send in a picture?  If so, what are you waiting for?

Cathy & Willy Eastman ,Joe & Debbie Aiello Represent In Playa del Carmen

Hi Joey:

We took these pictures while vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico thought you might like them.  The first picture is Cathy & Willy Eastman – the second is Joe & Debbie Aiello and the third is GMG logo relaxing!

Catherine Eastman

Cape Pond Ice Co., Inc.

Playa Del Carmen 005

Playa Del Carmen 007

Playa Del Carmen 013

Love it!!!!!!!

Vern and Joy Jenks Represent!

From Middleville MI. Some of the best years of my life was spent in G-Town and Rockport in the early 70’s. Good times at 28 fort square, Fair St and Pooles Chicken oops in Rockport. Coming home for a visit this fall.

Best regards,

Vern and Joy Jenks


FOB’s Jane Gibbs and Linda Colman Represent!

Linda Writes-

Dear Capt. Joey, It was great meeting you this morning! Many thanks for the sticker! Will send you a photo of it in front of Michigan Stadium. You asked me what I liked about GMG, and I wanted to let you know that it is like a mini-vacation every morning! Thanks again! Linda


GMG representing in San Diego!

Hi Joey,
My sister and neice were in San Diego last week, so I gave them a sticker and asked them to take some pics. I couldn’t decide which was the best pic, so here are 5 to choose from. By the way, my neice, is en route to the Philippines for a 2.5 year stint in the Peace Corps. Once she is settled, she will take some pictures with the sticker on whatever island she is assigned to. stay tuned!
Best regards,
Valerie Marino

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