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A Barter Available to You

Ever hear the story of the kid who bartered a  free cell phone up to a Porsche or a red paperclip up to a house? Craigslist offers yet another random section under for sale, called barter. Here is a local one available to you:

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector (Gloucester)

I have a $750.00 Bounty Hunter metal detector that I would like to trade for an Ipad tablet.This machine has been used three times and just sits in a closet.I need to trade it for something I can use.I would like to get a 32 gig Apple IPAD for trade.Let me know what you have and we can go from there.Thanks for reading.Comes with bag and two coils and manual.

I have always told my wife,  when I retire I just want an old school lawn chair (you know the ones that you can’t strap on your back) and a metal detector. I will roam the beaches with my headphones on and dream of the big find.  I hope someone takes their Ipad, trades it for the metal detector, finds a huge diamond ring and then buys a house on Good Harbor Beach. With a name like Bounty Hunter were you really expecting a metal detector? I was thinking sawed off shotgun.

Joey – You think you can convince them to go for a Windows 7 Netbook so they can edit video?

Pop Gallery’s Peggy Russell

Look for the Peggy Russell interview At Newly Opened Pop Gallery Tomorrow



Here’s the link to Pop Gallery’s Blog-


Click below for the slide-show of some of Peggy’s Work-


Pop Gallery Is Located at 67 Main Street In Beautiful Downtown Gloucester’s West End

Block Party Pics!

The block party was a blast had by all! We had three boys and found plenty of fun for both the wee one and the teens at Toodeloos, West End Sweets, the big inflated movie screen from Cape Ann Community Cinema, and just walking around. Afterward, sitting on the boulevard under the moon listening to the waves was a perfect end to a lovely day!

ps: Anyone catch the homie windsock floating over Citizen’s Bank?

Block Party

Click to View the Block Party Pics!

Pimp!- Panther Lamp at Bananas

Sabine at Bananas tells me that back in the day when people first started having televisions in their homes the press was telling people that they needed to have a light on in the room or they would go blind watching tv in the dark.  So most people had some type of lamp on top of their big ol’ tv sets.  She says the panther lamp was a very popular lamp to have.



Bananas Winner of The GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Decorating Contest

Click this text for many other posts about this Iconic Gloucester Establishment headed by Richard Leonard


Advice- Do Not Go To The Mall Today

As you are probably aware, the mall and shopping up the line are ridiculous right now.  We just got back from BJs where we buy our diapers and wipes for Snoop Mad and it was ridiculous.

If you have to go, you have to go.  But if you just need a present for someone there really is no need to drive up to the mall to get one.  There are plenty of great places to shop downtown.  Hell, even if you plan on getting gift cards as presents you can buy them at Stop and Shop.  Gift certificates to restaurants are great gifts to buy and easy to wrap and you can get those locally too.

There is great working mans outdoor clothing at Nelsons.  Sporting goods at Palazolla’s.  Women’s wear at Seasons, Cormorant Shop, First Impressions, The Black Swan and other joints.   There’s gifts at Stone Leaf, Pisces, The Black Swan, Bubbles, The Art Room, Harbor Goods, The Dress Code, The Magic Scarf, Menage Gallery, Present and a whole bunch of other places.  Then there’s books at Dogtown Books and The Gloucester Bookstore.  There’s Art at the local joints, jewelry from the folks around town like Beth Williams, Candy Marshall, and Jacki Ganim-Defalco.  You could get gift certificates for spa treatments at any of the salons like Deborah Coull, Headlines or Mattys or Lauras or Salon one, and others that escape me.  If I forgot anyone don’t hesitate to write me and I’ll add to the list.  I’m just banging this out off the top of my head.

Trust me on this one.  I guarantee you can find gifts right in downtown Gloucester, save gas money, avoid the crowds and fighting  the taffic, and have fun doing it- right here in Gloucester.

Hell a bottle of booze is a great gift and you can get that at The liquor Locker or Seabreeze liquors.  There is absolutely no reason to go fight that madness out of town right now unless there is a specific gift that our downtown doesnt carry but I bet if you just thought about it you could easily do all your holiday shopping right downtown and be happy about doing it.

I know this so mch that I’ll personally guarantee it.  If you go downtown to shop and are not satisfed I’ll  refund to you triple the current subscription price to GMG.  THAT’S HOW CONFIDENT I AM!  Now get to it!

Seasons On Main Street Carries North Face Gear

For a holiday shopping idea how about a North Face Fleece jacket?  Seasons on Main Street carries many North Face items and they are warm and soft- good stuff!  Look for a Seasons On Main Street Slide Show later today.

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