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Felicia’s Zugu For The Pasta With The Shrimp

You get a loaf of Italian bread and stand infront of the stove dipping the bread in the sauce and you might not leave until every last peice of bread is gone- trust me on this one. Video tomorrow night!

Felicia's Zugu For The Pasta With The Shrimp


Gloucester Native Shrimp Headed and Cooked

This is what the shrimp looks like after it’s cooked.  Those little dots on the underbelly are the spawn which many consider the sweetest part.

Look for the video in which my sister Felicia show you how to cook, peel and serve this local delicacy tomorrow night right here on these pages.


Gloucester Native Shrimp, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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Passports Seafood Mariscos

I’m not one to mix up my seafood in one dish.  If I’m gonna have shrimp in my pasta, I don’t want lobster in there too.  If I’m gonna have lobster newburg I only want lobster, not scallops too.

I’m crazy like that though.  I know plenty of friends of mine that when we go to Passports  have to get this dish every time.

Passports Seafood Mariscos, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Summer Time Is Lobster Eating Time

A couple of days ago Dennis Silva, owner of the Topside Grill stopped by the dock to pick up his lobsters for the restaurant as he does daily. He gets them daily because he is a freak for freshness and quality and wants the freshest possible lobsters each day.

Anyway a couple of our lobstermen were offloading when Dennis showed up and I mentioned to them how Dennis has a lobster dinner on his menu for $13.99. It made the guys feel good that the guy that was buying the lobsters that they just sold me were going to a guy that was marketing them right.

A major beef with lobstermen is when places charge ridiculous prices for lobsters and make them unaffordable for the average person when in reality they aren’t that much money to put on a menu.