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Udine4less_LOGO2As the title states ” Scroo Cookin”! Prepared meals made fresh daily is todays GMG deal. Scroo Cookin reminds me of waking up on a Sunday morning and smelling the aroma of my mom sautéing the garlic in the oil in preparation for making the Sunday sauce. Thats what you get from Scroo Cookin! Fresh meals prepared daily for your taste buds to take advantage of. Need a quick bite for lunch – then why not grab the coupon below and try one of their many sandwich options. I am actually thinking of trying the Scroo Chicken Salad Wrap today! Nothing like a good chicken salad with grapes….MMMMMM. You can check out their menu by clicking the link below:


GMG_Deal Alert


scroo cookin coupon


Elliott’s Breakfast Chimichanga

Yesterday with the wind I had the afternoon off.  No boats were going fishing in those nasty seas.  So we went to Elliott’s for the jazz brunch- OUTSTANDING!

Here is the breakfast chimichanga.  Video to come at 9:00AM

Rudder Reconstruction Update 11/15/08

The windows and doors are for the most part in.  Lots of glass.  Sunrises over the hill will fill those top floors with beautiful light.  Considering that on the second floor those are full sized doors and then two full sets of windows this gives you an idea of how large the space is upstairs.

Sugar Mag’s Crab Cake Bene

I put tabasco on mine.  If you haven’t tried them yet, do yourself a favor and get down to Sugar Mag’s for the crabcakes bene.  When having this meal day before yesterday Missy asked me if I’m ever going to try anything else on the menu.

Sugar Mag’s Crab Cake Bene, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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