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Gloucester Police Department – Elder Abuse Awareness Rally


Volunteers, police, fire and other organization’s personnel came to the Cookout held on Roger Street by the Gloucester Police Department.

See more information at Senior Care

Gloucester Police Department Welcomes 5 Academy Graduates


Pictured left to right; Lt. William Leanos; Training Officer, Officer David D’Angelo, Officer Jared Foote, Officer Keith Gaudenzi, Offficer Robert Morrissey, Officer Michal Cimoszko and Chief Leonard Campanello. (Courtesy of the Gloucester Police Department)

Mayor Carolyn Kirk and Police Chief Leonard Campanello are pleased to announce the graduation of five new police officers from the West Boylston Police Academy after 22 weeks of training 

Officers David D’Angelo, Jared Foote, Keith Gaudenzi, Robert Morrissey, and Michael Cimoszki will now enter the Field Training portion of their employment, followed by a probationary period of one year.

A total of eight new police officers are expected to join Gloucester over the next few months, as three additional officers are slated to attend the Police Academy hosted by the MBTA Transit Police in February 2015.

“I am extremely proud of these five officers. We have put them through a very rigorous process in prepping for the academy and then 22 weeks of official training. They are the best of the best in my opinion and will serve Gloucester well after their Field Officer Training,” Chief Campanello said. “I am also looking forward to adding three officers in February.  It’s invigorating to have such high-quality candidates to serve the City of Gloucester.”

The eight new officers replace those who have retired or have been promoted out of the patrol division.

Shout Out to Chief Campanello and the Gloucester Police Department!

I discussed writing this post with my husband on Sunday, just to let people know how professional I thought was the police presence at Fiesta, when the department’s own release was published yesterday (posted here). Nevertheless, I wanted to share my observations regarding the department during the Fiesta.

For the past week I have been filming throughout the square, and in the thick of Pavilion Beach for all three days of the Greasy Pole and seine boat races, amidst the throngs of thousands and thousands. I just have to say that despite all the rambunctious craziness, the officers were without fail courteous, cool, calm, and collected. I am sure their patience was tried often enough, but whether directing traffic, giving directions, riding their horses throughout the city, or when simply standing at the sidelines, they were friendly and composed. Thanks to Mayor Kirk, Chief Campanello, and all the officers on duty for helping to make this years’ Saint Peter’s Fiesta one of the best ever!

gloucester-chief-of-police-leonar-campanello copy

Officer Campanello and Family