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WhereZat? Winner!

Micah Dean identified the common thread of the photos from yesterday’s contest as scenes from along Washington St. On Sunday I took pictures starting at the corner by the Blackburn and continued to the Rockport town line. It took a few hours, and I saw more than I had ever noticed in the past. Very cool!

Spearze identified the scenes in his response:  “the first..blessed mother is at my former Aunt Vinnce house on Washington st across from Blackburn…second is Sclafani bakery. next is Ed mini mart. scroo kitchen,riverdale mills, bay view cemetry, plum cove….all in washington st.” Thanks, Eric!

And Congratulations, Micah!! You can pick up your t-shirt at Joey’s.

Here’s a slideshow of all the shots from my Washington St. trek- And yes, I know- the last few photos were taken in Folly Cove! 

New Where Zat Game From Sharon Lowe (With a Prize)

This just in from Sharon Lowe-

“Here’s Where Zat? #2. Same great “Get me over the bridge… I’m GLOSTA-phobic !” t-shirt for the first person to identify the photo’s whereabouts!  This game will close Friday, December 5. Good luck! “


To see more of Sharon’s work click this text.

Darrin Merchant Gloucester Photography at The Sidewalk Bazaar

Here is Darrin Merchant at the Sidewalk Bazaar selling his fantastic Gloucester photos.

You can check out his stuff at his website- http://www.darrinmerchant.etsy.com

Darrin Merchant Gloucester Photography at The Sidewalk Bazaar, originally uploaded by captjoe06.