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Updated: Joey C Local Gift No Brainers

Easiest of all and most bang for your buck- Dinner Dealer Decks get them here- https://www.dinnerdealer.com/decks/

For A Woman- It’s hard to leave Pisces without a cool gift.

For Hand Crafted Stuff- Present Down at The Bottom Of Union Hill and diagonally from Stones, def going to walk out with something cool and unique.

Alexandria’s Bread Co- I’ve said it a bunch of times- Alexandria should be a buyer for Target because she has an eye for timeless interesting things and that space offers many  T Shirts and other things that scream Timeless New England Coastal Community.

Take your favorite photo of your child or local scene and email it to James and Anna At Cape Ann Giclee to get a Canvas wrap made of that image and if you are giving that present to someone that the photo holds meaning for, you can’t get more personalized than that.

The Weathervane for your Cape Pond Ice gear.

Passports is currently offering 20% on Gift Certificates- easy No Brainer for one of the best restaurants in town that you’ll undoubtedly be visiting.

Our Donna Ardizzoni can have any of her images put on a pillow for you- check out her website here- http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/donnaardizzoni.html

Sista Felicia’s Cookbook which preserves and shares traditional Sicilian recipes for future generations

For Men- Merino Wool Socks or Other Warm Outdoor Gear at Nelsons

Kim Smith’s Oh Garden Of Possibilities for The Local Gardener

Sporting Goods as well as Gloucester/Rockport/Manchester Caps- Palazolas

Gift Certificates At Any Of the Local Massage Joints

Cape Ann License Plate- Ordering Info- http://capeannchamber.com/cape-ann-license-plate/

TBT Post Alpaca Sweaters, Shawls, Hats and Gloves- Guaranteed To Walk Out With a Woman’s Present (The Men’s Classic Alpaca Crew Neck Sweaters In Black or Grey Are Timeless and Reasonably Priced As Well)

You Can Get One Of Paulie Walnuts’ Late Father’s Paintings (he was a great painter of Gloucester’s Fishing Fleet)-

EJ probably has some of her inspiring Moolong books kicking around

The Village Silvermith and Blue River Diamonds downtown- wide range of women’s jewelry- you can definitely walk out of those joints with a gift.

Local Colors Artist Cooperative- Joe Fish Prints or Rusty and Ingrid Prints or any of the other tons of stuff there locally crafted.  100% can walk out of there with a gift.

Life Is Good Now Has the exclusive local sellers of Cape Ann Tuna Club Gear

Any of the Gear From The Wicked Tuna Boats Make Good presents for the fans of those shows Hard Merchandise Gear Tuna.Com Gear

The Art Room on Center Street also carries unique clothing and art for women.

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets at The Cave and Savour Wine and Cheese.

Beth Williams Studios has completely unique blown glass items for your ladyfriend.

Pop Gallery Is the place for funky presents for your man or woman
You want a hand painted unique to you mailbox or something else? Paulines Gifts #Boom

Not sure how I could have forgotten an old school framed print from your neighborhood from our boy Fred at Bodin Historic Photo.

Also for the sport fisherman in your life, Stevie Corbett’s Chum Cutter

These are just some of the no-brainers I can think of right off the top of my head, feel free to help complete my list by adding a comment in the post or forwarding me a link to your favorite local joint or gift to add.

Aaaaand Now It’s Official: Gloucester’s Got The Coolest Jews On The Planet After Building First Ever Lobster Pot Menorah

Get a Load Of Our Jew Buddies Up On Middle Street Rocking The First Ever Lobster Pot Menorah!

Right out there on the bleeding edge of cool- you name another small coastal community with more creative Jews than right here in Gloucester Ma. You can’t!

Read all about it on The Gloucester Clam

Click pic for the larger photos at The Clam


1st Annual Employee Night on Main Street! December 11th!

1st Annual Employee Night on Main Street!

Do you work in Gloucester but never seem to get a chance to hit up Main Street shops due to your work schedule? Well, now might be your chance to take advantage of extended hours with Gloucester’s first ever EMPLOYEE NIGHT! THIS THURSDAY, December 11th! 5 to 11 pm!

POP is participating and we’ve got a whole new sale rack full of discounted clothing/accessories!

Also, tons of new housewares, gifties and of course…. jewelry and accessories!


We’re very excited to offer up FREE food and drink! 20 % OFF select sale items and clothing! Plus, 10% off ALL PURCHASES of $50 or more!

There will also be one whole rack consisting of $20 garments!!

Come play at Gloucester’s Emporium of Cool at 67 Main Street! (Be sure to bring your name-tag or proof of employment to snag the discounts!)




First and only thing I’ve heard about it was the lone promo I got from Pop Gallery.

Chop Chop!  Send in your ladies night promo here- goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Edit:  Who is in charge of Downtown any more?  The Chamber?  The Downtown Merchant Group?  Is it every man for themselves down there?  Nothing in Todays Times, nothing from anyone except Pop Gallery seems strange.

Update #1:

Hi Joe
Ladies Night Deals
Common Crow
20% store wide
20% store wide plus mystery discount
Delicious spread in Greenlife



Happy Holidays from Savour Wine and Cheese!

Come join us for food, wine and fun at Savour Wine and Cheese for the Annual Gloucester “Ladies’ Night!”

Enjoy wine, cheese, charcuterie, and appetizers made by chef Matt Beach of Beach Gourmet – all complimentary!

Thursdays evening – 5 – 8 p.m.  AND – 10% off for ladies on everything at Savour all day, Thursday, Dec. 4.

Update #2

Hey Joey and GMG Readers, great News…..Relay for Life  of Cape Ann will be wrapping presents at Ladies Night on December 4th…We will be located at the Art Haven….Relay for Life of C ape Ann will supply the Wrapping and the Ribbons….All this for a donation to a great cause…. We will also be available to wrap during Men’s night December 18th….doesn’t get easier than this now does it!!!!giftwrap


Hi Joe – the Gloucester Downtown Association planned has a December full of events – Ladies Night, Men’s Night – and much more!
For Ladies Night at the Weathervane:

GDA December

Mark Parisi, Gloucester-born cartoonist whose award-winningpanels appear each day in the GloucesterDaily Times and whose works have been featured in a number of books andcalendars, will be at The Weathervane on Ladies Night to greet shoppers andsign copies of the 2015 edition of his calendar. Starting at 5 p.m., The Weathervane gift shopon Main Street will have Mark signing calendars while shoppers can takeadvantage of the 20% off store-wide sale (excluding Cape Pond Ice merchandise).

Thanks for all you do to support local business!

Joseph A. Ciolino

The Weathervane


7 SeasOAwhale

Hey Joey!

Promo for Ladies Night:

Ocean Alliance and 7 Seas Whale Watch will be at Cape Ann Art Haven on Ladies Night with whale watch tickets and whale adoptions for the holidays. Whale watch tickets will be discounted $5 off for the 2015 season and we’re offering a special Whale Lovers’ Cape Ann Combo Gift Pack – with your Basic or Deluxe Whale Adoption get $10 off your 7 Seas whale watch tickets. We’ll also have brand-new bumper stickers hot off the press to stuff your stockings for a $5 donation. So come see Heather and Rebecca at Cape Ann Art Haven!

Amy Kerr

Ocean Alliance

Social Media Manager


Gloucester Downtown is in full swing for the holidays!

Beth Williams Studio-


Come Shop, Visit, and Enjoy……

December 4th:
In My Studio…and Downtown Gloucester
Thursday, 5:00 – 10:00 PM
41st Annual Ladies Night

December 11th:
In My Studio…and Downtown Gloucester
Thursday, 5:00 – 10:00 PM
3rd Annual Friends and Family Night (and Employees Night, too!)
December 19th:
In My Studio…and Downtown Gloucester
Thursday, 5:00 – 10:00PM
41st Annual Men’s Night


Eastern Point Lit House:

We’re having Eastern Point Lit House’s Author Night that Kim posted two days ago in conjunction with Ladies Night. We didn’t really include the words Ladies Night in our promos because we thought there would be more noise about it and everyone would assume. I’m surprised too that there wasn’t more promo for this. Anyway, we’re having a raffle for cool gifts, etc. Nine authors, one night. Signed books for all ages and interests make great gifts!

Topside Grill

Dear Joe,

December is a month to celebrate! Join us tonight for our first event of the month- Ladies Night!

Ladies Night!

two-wine-glasses.jpg Join us this Thursday, December 4th, for Ladies Night at the Topside Grill! All night, upstairs in the pub.

Try our Topside Margarita for only $5.95!

Check out our cocktail menu for amazing signature drinks:

Fall Harvest- Domaine de Canton ginger liquor with apple juice, muddled orange, and brown sugar

Peanut Amaretto Martini- Peanut rum from St. Lucia, amaretto, and Stoli Vanil

Spanish Coffee made with Liquor 43

Blood Orange Margrita made with jalepeno infused tequila & fesh squeezed blood oranges

Also offering great $5 appetizers:

Sweet chili Fried Calamari

Potato Skins Baked Stuffed Clams Nachos Chicken Wings Mozzarella Sticks Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Topside Grill

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team & Kestrel Educational Adventures – Our Favorite Things

We’ll be having a blast at the Get Outside Center, 186 Main Street, Gloucester, from 5:30 – 10 pm.

With only 4 days left in the auction, tonight is your chance to view our auction items in person.

Bid on any items, or Buy Now and walk away with select items.  Everything for a great price, and to benefit Kestrel and the CAVPT!

We’re providing light refreshments, drinks, AND live music!  Don’t miss out on the fun!

View All Auction Items Here

Update: According to Mary Kay At @MaritimeGlou we’ve Got Ourselves a Vagina

Mary Kay from Maritime Gloucester writes in-

I’m going to go with Thetys vagina. That is the actual scientific name for the organism, not a joke. For more info see http://eol.org/pages/510608/overview.

Landed this morning at Captain Joe and Sons-

From eol.org-

Image of Thetys vagina

I put out the challenge to see who could identify it first and Mary Kay from Mariotime Gloucester as usual kicked the New England Aquariums butt all over the place.

That’s Allota Fagina if I do say so myself.

GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

Topics Include: Free Grand Prix Of Gloucester Cyclocross Rapha T-Shirt For One Of The First Ten Verified GloucesterCast Subscribers- Subscribe Here, Congratulations To Pat Conant Winner Of Facebook Contest, Thanks To Paul Morrison For Fresh Limes, Good Egg James Fiahlo Copper Dory Planter Raises $350 For Paul Russo Brain Cancer Foundation- High Bidder From Gayle Piraino GAP Promotions is the High Bidder, Clean Gloucester and The One Hour At A Time Gang Cleans First Parish Burial Ground, Revitalization Of Magnolia Continues, The Chesire Cat, The Magnolia Consignment Store,Chef From the Patio Now At Magnolia Pub, Sawyer Free Library, Passports Wine Dinner Coming Up This Thursday, Electricity Rate Wrinkle, Arthur Bevalaqua, Solar Panels, Gloucester Clam Ads Turn Out To Be A Positive, The Idea That Unless You Are Losing Money You Are A Bad Person, The Football Post, Over Prescribing Drugs To Control Kids,Science All Around Us, Nubar Alexanian, Tom Ellis,  Paul Boudreau, Turducken Is Out, What Will This Year’s Thanksgiving Food Fad Be, The Chateau’s Fried Ravioli, Joey’s Favorite Things- Krups Coffee Grinder, Bonavita Pourover Coffee Maker, Contigo Autoseal Coffee Travel Mug, Prynt , Taste Of Magnolia, Lillian LoGrasso’s Event, Lobster Trap Tree, Shop Rockport, TBT Post, Alpaca Sweaters, Brother’s Brew Will Be Open For Shop Rockport, Marshall’s Farm Stand, Thank You To Nichole’s Family To-Do Post, Joppa Flats, Ruby and Luke McElhenny and Dax Who Was Named After Dax Shepard, The Alpaca’s That Eat You.




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Fish On Fridays – Special Post By Kathy Chapman


Gloucester’s day-boat groundfish fleet is in jeopardy as NOAA closes areas for cod fishing in the Gulf of Maine.

“NOAA Regional Administrator John K. Bullard said the agency is doubling the quota on Gulf of Maine haddock for the remainder of the 2014 season to help offset the anticipated decline in cod revenues and landings in the wake of the area closures.” Gloucester Times.

Follow the story in the Gloucester Times.

Pictured is cod at CASE auction house today and the price per pound.





Photos @ Kathy Chapman 2014

GloucesterCast 103 Featuring Couples In Love Who Have Moved To Gloucester Taped 11/9/14


GloucesterCast 103 Featuring Couples In Love Who Have Moved To Gloucester Taped 11/9/14

Topics Include:The Rullis, The Scheetz, Jess and Dennis Brand, Lucinda Seigel, Kim Smith and Rich Bean with random appearance by Niece Amanda, What brought you to Gloucester?, Few Young Professionals On Commuter Rail, The progression Of The Scheetz on GMG from getting engaged to married to buying a house in Gloucester, Erin Rulli misses the saltiness of the old GMG, the storied history of Gloucester, The Beans moved to Gloucester after living in Medford forever, Gloucester Pride Today vs Gloucester Pride 20 years ago, Trying to remind people about the cool Gloucester landscape and seascapes, White Ninja, the inevitable backlash, Getting the Rullis back to Playa Del Carmen, Kimberley Scheetz looking forward to volunteering to clean the HarborWalk, Dinner Dealer 2015, North Shore Food and Gift Emporium, Amanda Pops In Wearing a Duck Outfit, Why Dinner Dealer Decks Are No-Brainers, Peter Todd Fundraiser, Shock Over Bottle Bill Election Results, Joey’s Mini Rant – The Rational Behind To-Go Containers Made Out Of Non-Microwavable Tins, Is there anything that is done at Willow Rest not exactly spot-on?, Willow Rest please open up a location in East Gloucester too!, Music Listings On GMG, Eliminating Penny Conversation, Emerson Brand Named After Emerson College, Kimberley Scheetz Responsible For Hundreds If No Thousands Of Train Derailments, Rechargeable Battery Discussion, Goddamn Bacon Donuts Are Driving Me Nuts,What is the rationale behind not retweeting or Facebook liking a complimentary post on someone’s business social media account?

podcasticon1GMG Couples podcast ©Kim Smith

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Making a Better Gloucester – Help erect the new playground at the Oval.

Steve Winslow writes-


Volunteers are still needed to help erect the new play equipment at the Oval / Palazola Field this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The Oval is off of Centennial Avenue – near Harvard Street.

Work will start rain or shine Thursday morning November 6th at 8 AM..  If you can turn a wrench – we can use you..(we’ have the wrenches) Bring a wheel barrel if you can. Lunch provided.

Online volunteer registration is available at www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0F4DA9AE28A4F94-community/.

Community members can also contact Councilor Steve LeBlanc at  SLeBlanc@gloucester-ma.gov or Senior Project Manager Stephen Winslow at swinslow@gloucester-ma.gov (978-282-8007). 

Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Stephen Winslow

Mass in Motion – Cape Ann

3 Pond Road

Gloucester MA 01930


Madhouse Today…

I swear you couldn’t dream up this scene to paint it just the way it was at that very moment when I snapped the shot in between offloading boats.

You couldn’t have dreamed up the clouds or the sun breaking through at just the right angle to lead straight down the harbor to our dock. You couldn’t have dreamed up the lobster boats waiting to offload at just the right perpendicular locations to frame the shot on either side of the lobster boat’s mast that was tied up at the dock. Picture perfect.

Sometimes amid the madness you don’t really have time to take it all in because you’re ass deep in work but that one capture you managed to fire off brings it all back and reminds you that yes indeed, it wasn’t a dream.

New Buildings Go Up At Former Donut Jim’s Site and More From Anthony Marks 10/28/14

Happy Halloween – photos from Anthony Marks

Historic Magnolia Building Gone – photos from Anthony Marks

Rising From The Ashes Of Donut Jim’s – photos from Anthony Marks

First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery Volunteer Group Looking For Help From Crystal Daley

Good Morning,

I am part of a volunteer group working on First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery.  There has been a lot of talk around about the goats that have been placed there to help out and I was wondering if you would publish my article more about the humans who are working there.  We are in need of more volunteers and would love to segway from the goats into that. 

Thank you very much.

Crystal Daley



Goats are awesome but we need people too.
Up at the First Parish Burial ground the team of goats is happily munching away a section of the brush.  The volunteers however don’t have such luxury.  The overgrowth and neglect that the cemeteries have suffered is great.  We are only three out of town people who are hard at work reclaiming the proud lost history of Gloucester’s people and military service.  It is true that these cemeteries were not designed as more modern one with space for people to visit but we would like the change that.  The first step is getting them cleaned and safe.  We have been working diligently every weekend over the summer and have made giant strides towards that goal.
Now that a lot of the clearing for First Parish has been done it is time to focus on the smaller Clark cemetery behind it.  Rose bushes, berry bushes, trees and bamboo have overtaken this sacred space.  Using the website findagrave.com we have started to connect people with their ancestors in Clark and First Parish.  Those connections to our past are why it is important for us to do this work.
On our first day of clearing a few months ago in First Parish we met a family that had come down to see a grave of one of their ancestors.  They were unable to find it as the age of the stones makes it hard to read them.  But over the course of the day we were able to find it for them and emailed them the location for them to visit again.  The next time we were there a lovely bunch a flowers had been left.
More recently after the first article ran in the Gloucester Times I contacted an online commenter on the article.  He had said that his family owns a plot in Clark Cemetery.  Through a few emails I asked him where the plot was and invited him to come down to show us where to clear out.  By the time he got there last Saturday we had already figured out the location of his family and had cleared it for him.
Robert had not been able to go to his family’s plot since before 2008 due to the overgrowth.  He told us that he used to come a few time a year to see the plot of his Great Grandmother and kin to leave geraniums.  Originally we were told that the last person buried in either cemetery was in the 1920’s but Robert informed us that the last person laid in his family’s plot was in the 60’s. We were so happy that he is now able to go to the plot without having to wade through tough overgrowth and that he is able to come back to continue his tradition of honoring his history.
There are other stories like this but we do need the help of the community.  There are only the three of us doing the work usually (light)rain or shine, with the exception of lighting.  You can find us there on Saturdays after noon; we are Rachel Meyer, Josh Gerloff and myself Crystal Daley. Anyone coming to volunteer their time is only asked to dress for work.  Jeans or other work pants, comfortable shirt (you will get hot working) and comfortable sneakers or boots.  Tools are also welcome to be brought and used.  The most helpful tools we have found are trash bags, tarps, rakes, clippers of all sizes, brush cutters, weed whackers, saws and we could use one or more people with chainsaws for some dead trees that have fallen over.
If you are interested in helping out we are excited to work with you.  We would love for anyone to come down to help out.  There is something for any skill level to do.  If you would rather donate instead of volunteer that is also helpful.  You may email me at crystalrae1024@gmail.com and I can answer any questions you might have on donating or volunteering with us.  I look forward to having more stories like Robert’s in the near future.

Captain Joe and Grandma Felicia’s Wedding June 11, 1938


Thank you to the person who brought this down the dock for me.  Sorry I didn’t get your name.

Ron Gilson writes in-

Good morning Joey:

Over the years I have refrained from commenting on various interesting community posts on your blog.  Who’s interested in an old man’s perspective?

However, today’s wedding story on your blog represents not only a detailed account of a  prominent Italian commuity wedding, but more importantly, to me, it is a detailed slice of our all important fishing community history.

In 1938, all the up and coming leaders of the Italian community fishing fleet were listed as principals in this wedding.  They were the future players about to write Gloucester fishing history.  The Curcuru’s, Ciaramitaro’s, Branceleone’s, Strescino’s, D’Amico’s, Calamo’s, Novello’s, Orlando’s, to name a few, were all in attendance.  It was a wedding spectacular!  

Ten years later, Capt. Joe Ciaramitaro, in his highligher Benjamin C., would lead the fleet in the redfishing game, along with Capt. Sam Nicastro in his F/V Felicia; Capt. Chris Cecilio in his F/V Mary and Josephine; Capt. Rico Strescino in his family owned F/V Balilla and later in the  Boston vessel Agatha and Patricia; the Brancaleone brothers in their family vessels Joseph & Lucia and St. Victoria; the Novello’s in their new Bonaventure and the Calomo and D’Amico families in their highline seiner, Ida & Joseph.

These Italian vessels and their crews and many others played a major role in the prominence of Gloucester’s fishing production in that era.  It will never happen again, and this wave of Italian-American immigrants should never be forgotten.  It was an unforgettable time in our city’s history!

Ron Gilson

The Tuna Were Biting On Tuesday – Photos from Anthony Marks

First at the dock after 4:00 pm was the Allyson from Kennebunkport
Maine with a 387 lb tuna. Next up at the dock was the Amanda & Andy II,
Capt Jim Santapaola and crew landed a 777 lb whopper of a tuna. Last
but not least was the Gannet with Capt Andy Santapaola, Jim’s son at
the helm with a 585 lb tuna. They were all beautiful fish!

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