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If You’re Stuck Without a Father’s Day Present We Will Be Down The Dock Father’s Day

There’s not much worse feeling than waking up and realizing you are that horrible son or daughter that forgot to get your dad a present.

If you are THAT person, fear not.  We will be open at the dock to bail your ass out.

Give us a call at (978) 283-1454 and order your dad the easiest most no-brainer gift ever and watch him smile when you deliver them.  We open at 5AM 7 days a week but it’s best to call ahead so we can put exactly what you need aside for you.

I can tell you personally that lobsters as a gift have a huge impact which people do not forget.  There isn’t anything where you make as much impact for as little money as lobster.

Bottom line.

We will be open Father’s Day, best to call ahead and put in your order and we will put exactly what you want aside for your morning pick-up.

Here’s the Captain Joe and Sons Website

Fathers Day Gift- Eat This! Lobster Apron at The Cormorant Shop

If you are looking for the perfect Fathers Day gift, we will be open so get your orders in early if you want to give the gift of lobster to dear old dad.

As a compliment to the always appreciated gift of lobster you can pick up these aprons or an Eat This! lobster Tshirt at The Cormorant Shop downtown Gloucester.

It would make a great lasting impression for any father.

Pete Mondello Coiling Rope

Here Pete coils rope which has been set for a long time.  The reason he is taking it off the boat is to take out the knots in the rope that make it more difficult to run the rope through the hauler.

Pete Mondello Coiling Rope, originally uploaded by captjoe06.