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Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree ©Kim Smith 2015 copyThe Prettiest Tree in All The Land, Inside and Out!
With thanks and appreciation to all the Lobstermen who donated their traps, Creator David Brooks and Crew, and all the Buoy-painters!
Cape Ann Lobstermen Rock!

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree -1 ©Kim Smith 2015 copy

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree -3 ©Kim Smith 2015 copy

Inside looking up

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree -2 ©Kim Smith 2015 copy


The Results Are In And Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree Smokes The Competition

The results of our impartial poll asking voters which lobster trap tree is tops, the Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree absolutely obliterated the competition.  The results confirm the fantastic taste of our readership.  Congratulations on being part of a highly skilled voting group which has once again reaffirm my utmost confidence in 92.98% of you.image

The 2010 Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree


2010 Lobster Trap Tree Poll -Who Ya Got?

It’s that time of year.  The Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Has Been Constructed and Adorned With Buoys Hand Painted With Love and Special Messages Of Peace, Joy and Hope By The Children Of Gloucester.  And then there are the sterile generic boring trees erected by prisoners of the Maine criminal system who have been incarcerated for unspeakable crimes against the elderly and sick and destitute.

The Wonderful 2010 Gloucester lobster Trap Tree


The Crappy Generic Rockland Lobster Trap Tree

Lobster ports create Christmas trees _ from traps

The Ridiculously Disproportionate Beals Island Lobster Trap Tree-

Sources have indicated that The Maine Lobster Trap Trees Were Built By Bands Of People Let Out Of Jail For Crimes Such As Mugging Salvation Army Bell Ringers Outside Of Maine Strip Malls.  As Punishment These Convicts Were Forced To Erect Hideous Displays Of Unimaginative Lobster Trap Trees.

Maine Blog Declares Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Tops!

Shannon Bryan from MaineToday.com states-

“Although already lit on Nov 27, Rockland’s lobster trap tree is worth visiting if only to frustrate authors of the blog Good Morning Gloucester. They’re pitting their Gloucester, MA lobster-trap tree against Rockland’s in a heated battle of stacked traps and colored lights. They’ve even set up a completely unbiased poll asking readers which tree trumps the other: “The Colorful Vibrant Unique Gloucester One or The Crappy Unimaginitive [sic] Rockland One?” I think both trees are delightful in their own right, but Gloucester wins the award for exemplifying true Christmas spirit and neighborly generosity.”

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WOOOOHOOO, LOLOLOLOL Take that Monkeyballs

Even Maine websites declare the Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree tops!