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Decompression Unplugged ~ hot sound, tight harmony

A good way to judge the quality of an electric band is to hear them unplugged.  This video proves that The Bandit Kings are one of Gloucester’s best.  Here they are unplugged on a tiny TV set delivering all the power and energy of their fully electric shows.  Plus Renee and Ann Marie’s harmonies are perfect!

The video above features one of three of their songs from their excellent show (Decompression off their excellent Precious Stones CD — get it here).

You can see the entire show this week on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 beginning Wednesday at 6:3opm.  It also features one of Allen Estes‘ very popular (relatively new) songs, Peace and Harmony, which is not available anywhere for download or on CD.  This is part of our summer reprise of the most requested shows from Local Music Seen with Allen Estes.

If you don’t have cable or you don’t live in Gloucester you can watch the entire show on-line here.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait until Wednesday to see the Bandit Kings.  Go to the Rhumb Line tonight where they host the open jam to get your fix of one of Gloucester’s most distinctive sounds.  And check out the enterprising way they are raising money to make a new record — a very good cause, indeed.  I just donated and can’t wait to hear the new album.

Allen & Dylan Estes ~ Father & Son make a special appearance at Giuseppe’s Sunday at 6pm

Here’s something you don’t see (or hear) every day — father & son performing  together with voices that blend this beautifully.  In this video, Allen & Dylan Estes sing one of Allen’s classic songs on his show Local Music Seen.  Tomorrow (Sunday) you can see them at Giuseppe’s — and they’re even better live!  You might want to call ahead to be sure you get a seat.  Music starts at 6pm.  Take your kid(s) and get inspired.

Now for tonight.  It’s time to get out and DANCE!  Gloucester is HOT tonight with all kinds bands ready to ROCK!  Take your pick or try to fit them all in.  Whew!  Check out the hot music lineup here.

Renee & Joe Performing Wednesday at Seaport Grille

If you have not caught this duo, it is a must, they are playing at Seaport Grill on Wednesday from 6:30-9:30.  Stop by Seaport Grille for a tasty drink- great music-great atmosphere– Oh and don’t forget — It’s Clam Roll Day!

gimmesound New Year’s Rockport Eve Family Giveaway

New Year's Rockport Eve

Watch the video and hear the first trivia question in our New Year’s Rockport Eve Family Giveaway sponsored by the New Year’s Rockport Eve organizers

Here’s how the contest works:

Every day we’ll have a trivia question (Today – Friday)

Be the first person to submit all five correct answers on Friday (look for the ANSWER link right under Friday’s video) and win 2 adult and 2 child buttons to New Year’s Rockport Eve.

You’ll also hear the story of how Rockport got it’s HUGE tree at the last minute this year from the man who found it.

And don’t forget to stop in and see The Bandit Kings at the Rhumb Line tonight.