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The Aftermath Of The Eastern Avenue House Explosion

It is a miracle that the man in this house got out alive.  How ironic is it that the man has a dangerous job but gets injured after work in the comfort of his own house in a freak accident?

Here is information here on how to help.

The Aftermath Of The Eastern Avenue House Explosion

This is the scene yesterday morning, a full day after the house blew up.  There are still firemen there.  What a scary thing to think.  That out of the blue your house could just blow up through no fault of your own.

Just get home from whatever job you have ready to finally relax and BOOM!

Gloucester House Explosion

Would you just look at the vinyl siding peeled away from the next door neighbor’s house?  I’m guessing we’re lucky more people weren’t injured.

Gloucester House Explosion, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Thanks to Mike Lindberg who submitted the Eastern Avenue House Explosion pics for GMG.

Explosion On Eastern Ave

I was sitting in the office when the whole building shook.  I exclaimed to Pete Mondello and Johnny Herrick “What The Hell Was THAT?”   Turns out there was a house explosion on Eastern Ave just past Jeff’s Variety going toward Rockport.

Hope the folks are ok.  Say a prayer.

Explosion On Eastern Ave, originally uploaded by captjoe06.