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Never Has a Cooler Buoy Been Painted By a Cooler Chick Than Lily Linquata

Here’s Lily making the delivery of my very own custom painted GMG lobster buoy.

2012-08-08 12.29.27

Does your business or organization have one of Lily’s killer buoy’s?  Did you want a decorative buoy for your home or office?  Check out Lily’s www.gloucestergoods.com and order up one or a dozen for yourself and your friends, they make killer gifts.

Don’t go showing up at that wedding shower with yet another butter dish.  I’m telling you, you don’t wanna be that person that shows up with the 17th butter dish and then have to watch the bride-to-be feign her excitement over said 17th gifted butter dish.  Show up with a killer Lily Linqs custom buoy with the bride and groom’s names on it with a anchor in the middle or a lobster or some shit like that.  They’ll love it trust me. 

They’ll love it way more than that 17th gifted buttah dish I’ll tell you that and then you know what happens?  Everyone at that bridal shower talks about how thoughtful you were for getting such a unique and treasured gift.  See, that’s how it works at bridal showers. 

You’re either the person bringing the kick-ass lily Linq’s Custom Buoy or you’re the stiff bringing the 17th buttah dish. 

Don’t be the bearer of the 17th buttah dish.


Well Lookey Here At What Lily Linqs Made Me! You Rock Lily!

If your company doesn’t have one of Lily’s unique and expressive authentic hand painted lobster buoy then shame on you!

Lily produces these works of art herself and there isn’t anything more expressive of local flavor than a lobster buoy painted with your logo now is there?

Check out her website www.gloucestergoods.com and order up yours like right now.

What, you’re still reading?  You mean to tell me you didn’t click on the www.gloucestergoods.com link and get to ordering your very own personalized buoy? That is totally unacceptable!! 

Thank you Lily!

Also follow her on twitter.  She’s badass.  Well badass in a pixie ingénue kinda way.  If that makes sense.  Probably not, but whatever- @lilylinqs



How Cool Is Lily Linquata? GMG Buoy Almost Done

Lily makes these cool nautical themed buoys and sells them (see how you can get one for yourself below the pic).  It was so nice of her to think of us here at GMG headquarters and make one of her beautiful buoys with Da logo!


Lily Linquata started painting buoys last summer as part of her involvement in a seasonal gift shop downtown. After selling over fifty to tourists, all from out of state and usually from the middle of the country, she thought there might be a market for unique nautical items outside of Gloucester. Encouragingly for all of us, there is. Based on some blogged photos alone, wedding-related orders have been placed from Chatham, MA and Florida, as well as nursery requests from New York City and a few local birthday buys, as well.

Purchased at Winchester Fishing, these buoys are the real deal; what you’ll find bobbing in the Atlantic most days. Hand painted and calling for three hours of time each (outside of drying) they’re currently selling for $25 to $50 via custom e-mail orders. As of April, these buoys and a few other local items will be available on http://gloucestergoods.com/