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Robin Jean- Phil Bolger Boat Design Pics By Paul Frontiero

When looking at the boat what I notice is that the deck of the boats is really deep, it seems lower than waterline.  There are no scuppers that I can see.  I wonder how they clean the deck and get the water and fish guts out?  Also if it took on water from a rogue wave how would it clear itself of the water?

Interesting.  There must be some type of system to clear the water.  Maybe they rely on pumps to pump the water overboard.

Robin Jean- Phil Bolger Boat Design Pics By Paul Frontiero

From what I understand this is one of Phil Bolger’s efficient boat designs.  It is currently tied up behind Cape Ann Marina. 

Long and slender and tall like a banana.  Old Phil being the master boatbuilder that he is must know what he is doing but I don’t know how  this stays upright if it takes a sea to it’s side with a high center of gravity.  I defer to the master boatbuilder though.  He must know what he is doing after all these years.  

Robin Jean- Phil Bolger Boat Design Pics By Paul Frontiero, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

 I would embrace the whole banana theme and paint her yellow with black stripes!

Working On A Dragger’s Net

If you look under the black circular rollers you can see the net has been damaged.  It’s hanging there in shards.  Looks like the boys have a lot of mending to do.  No fun, no fun at all.  Sometimes a dragger will risk going over some rough or jagged rocky bottom to try and find some fish and the result is a damaged net.  Sometimes it can pay big dividends, sometimes you an end up with huge tears in the net.  I’m not saying that is what happened here, but there is definetly damage to repair here.  Not exactly the best of weather to have to do this kind of work.

Working On A Dragger’s Net, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Working On A Dragger’s Net

See this fisherman working on the net?  He was hopping back and forth from the boat’s net reel back onto the dock.  My knees would have been shaking like a leaf but he was just going back and forth like nothing.  One little slip and he was going for an icy swim I’ll tell you that.

Working On A Dragger’s Net, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Matteo Russo’s Patriot Engine

This is the view looking down at The Patriot Engine.  Matteo runs a GM in The Patriot and GM engines are usually painted green.  Matteo painted his red because this particular model of GM engine is called a Screamin’ Demon.

Matteo Russo’s Patriot Engine, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Matteo Russo’s Patriot Bow

Matteo Russo took me for a tour of his dragger The Patriot.  Nice boat, and very clean, it is built like a tank.

You can tell a lot about a boat’s owner by how well it’s engine room is maintained.  Matteo’s Patriot engine room is spotless, much like Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II,  Cape Seafood’s Boats and The Western Venture.

Matteo Russo’s Patriot Bow, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Matteo Russo’s Patriot Deck

In this photo you see the deck of Matteo Russo’s Patriot. In the top of the picture is his stern trawler net reel. The reason it is called a stern trawler is because the net is set from this reel from the STERN of thge boat. You see in the picture the net wrapped around the net reel.

Then in the middle of the deck you see pen boards. Pens and pen boards can be above deck or below deck. The pen boards fit into channels which section off portions of the deck or the hold of the boat where the fishermen sort fish or dump the fish out from the net when the net comes aboard. Down below different pens are used for different species.

Matteo Russo’s Patriot Deck, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

In the front of the picture is the winch. The winch is spooled with wire which is attached to the net . When they set the net out they let wire out evenly on both sides so the net will fish evenly. It is hydraulically powered. You see the stainless steel bar resting at an angle just behind the winch? That is used to guide the wire back onto the winch evenly when they load it back on. They guide the wire back and forth evenly so it all doesn’t bunch up in the middle of the winch drum.

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