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From Mayor Sefatia:

Customers with power outages with operable phones should report to NGRID at 1-800-465-1212, if you have trouble and I have not posted! They might not be aware of it.

Thank you.

Preparing for Power Outages.

1. Purchase light producing objects.
Gather all the things that may provide light, such as a flashlight, candles, glowsticks, etc., and place them in an easily accessible area.

Attach iridescent or glow in the dark stickers on flashlights so that they can be easily located in little or no light.
Keep glowsticks in the freezer. The cool temperature in your freezer will slow the rate of reaction in the glowstick and make it last for 4-5 days instead of one or two.

Stick candles in pots that are deeper than the candle is long. That way, the light will reflect off of the side of the pot, creating more light, and will lessen the likelihood of a fire.

2. Keep a first aid kit handy. You never know what emergency might happen during a power outage, so it’s wise to stay prepared with a few days’ worth of medication.
Your first aid kit should include bandages (various sizes), gauze, tape, scissors, antiseptic solution such as hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin, and pain medicine. You can buy first aid kits at various drugstores or assemble your own.
Keep a stash of batteries. Make an inventory of the different kinds of batteries your electronics use instead of assuming they all run on double-A or triple-A. Buy batteries in bulk — more than you think you’ll need — so that you’ll have a good amount in case of a prolonged outage.

3. Have your power company’s number stored. If and when the power outage does occurs, inform them (once will do) and they’ll give you an estimate of when you can expect to get electricity back. Knowledge is power.

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They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships

Snowy morning scenes from the boulevard and Eastern Point Lighthouse.

They that go down to the sea in ships.

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The Fisherman 's Family

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Snowy Day Eastern Point Lighthouse

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Fishermen’s Memorial Service 8/16/2014, photos from Anthony Marks