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March Always Brings Me Back To My Childhood

PrintMarch always brings me back to my childhood. Always.

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 Some of my most cherished memories growing up are from times spent with family and friends celebrating the Feast of St. Josephs at Great Uncle Mike and Aunt Vinci Militello’s home on School Street here in Gloucester.

 For as far back as I can remember…. March 11-19th was spent in their home honoring St Joseph with traditional song and prayer.  All recited in Sicilian.  My aunt and uncle’s home altar was one of many set up throughout the city.  Dozens of families shared this 9-day tradition honoring St. Joseph. 

  Twenty five years ago…. there were over 30 families…. who constructed religious altars within their homes, in and around central Gloucester. Each home was open to family, friends, and neighbors who wanted to participate in the 9-day devotion honoring St. Joseph. Women and children gathered and prayed for a special intention every afternoon and or evening around the handcrafted altars.

Each altar was uniquely draped in silk fabrics, Italian lace, and fragrant fresh flowers, which were replaced routinely throughout the Novena.

St Joseph trick or treat (32) St Joseph trick or treat (44) St Joseph trick or treat (56)

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