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DMV RMV at Gloucester Crossing Part 2: Legislators Urge Decision on new site for Registry

img_20170203_093649The decision on the location for a new North Shore DMV registry branch remains undecided.  There are service centers on the other peninsula, Cape Cod. Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard host full DMV service centers as do towns with smaller populations, like Greenfield and North Adams. There isn’t a uniform state model.

The day after the GMG post musing What about a DMV branch at Gloucester Crossing?, Paul Leighton wrote an article in yesterday’s Gloucester Daily Times “Legislators urge decision on new site for Registry” Thursday February 2, 2017 with more info.

According to the article: “Six property owners submitted bids in October. A spokesman for the Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance, which oversees state leasing, said those bids are still being reviewed…In addition to Speliotis, local legislators who signed the letter to the state included state Sen. Joan Lovely of Salem and state Reps. Paul Tucker of Salem, Tom Walsh of Peabody, Jerry Parisella of Beverly, Lori Ehrlich of Marblehead and Brad Hill of Ipswich, who represents Manchester.”

Leighton’s prior Gloucester Daily Times article about the DMV branch location “Registry considers Peabody, Beverly sites for new branch” was published July 21, 2016.

GMG Readers Poll- What Would You Like To See Fill The Space Vacated By Five Guys?

If those of you who have Facebook or Twitter or Google+ could share this I’d love to see a really large number of votes to get a true picture of what most people want, Thanks. (You can share it by clicking the little icons below the post)

Holy Canoli Batman there were a lot of responses to this.  Some which I think are completely ridiculous due to the space available where Five Guys was located up at Gloucester Crossing.

Anyway here are your options, vote away!

Gloucester Crossing Market Basket

Much like the Danvers store there were plenty of cashiers on hand and check out was a breeze.  The staff is very well trained and helpful.  My guess is that they are trained that if you make eye contact with them that they are supposed to ask if you need help finding something because every single employee I looked at asked how they could help.

As I was leaving the store with my three small bags of groceries a young man asked if he could carry my groceries to my truck.  I didn’t need the help but I imagine that women with children or elderly folks would really appreciate this service.

If you listened to the video interview the Director of Operations Manager David tells us they hired over 270 new Gloucester employees.  That’s pretty damn good.  I understand that these aren’t the highest paying jobs but when you see these teenagers dressed in ties and well groomed showing up for work it’s a whole lot better than seeing them kicking around unemployed on the street.

If a family of four spent an average of $200 per week on groceries before Market Basket came to town, that bill will be reduced by at least $50 per week.  That’s $2600 per year which goes directly back into Gloucester households.  For some folks that’s a tax bill for the year.

Gloucester Crossing Market Basket, originally uploaded by captjoe06.