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Guest Post- Erika Hansen Has a Where The Locals Go Coupon Book Story

From Erika-

Here’s the story about Cape Ann Savings Bank:
A customer came into Main Street’s own Bubbles, a shop that is all about pampering and froufrou and glitter, looking rather confused.  Bubbles herself, a/k/a Trisha Sanford, asked how she could help.
“The bank sent me here for a $300 coupon off my closing cost…I’m sorry.  I knew it must have been a joke” and he turned to leave.  “No, wait,” says Trisha.  “That sounds like the Where the Locals Go! coupon book.”
She promptly picked up a copy (for sale right at the register), looked in the directory, and sure enough, on p. 135 was a coupon from Cape Ann Savings Bank to receive $300 off your closing cost.  The man quickly paid his $10 for the coupon book, went back to the bank, saved $290 and now has hundreds of other coupons from the book to use!
For $10, buying this book is a no-brainer.  In addition to the discounts, the book is full of information about Cape Ann and highlights local heroes in our community.
It is for sale throughout Cape Ann at many stores including The Bookstore and Dogtown Book Shop, Toad Hall in Rockport and Manchester By The Book and will be for sale at the upcoming Rhythm & Flavors concert.   Come by and get your copy before they are all gone!  Coupons are good through March 31, 2009.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- The Black Swan

Where The Locals Go

The Black Swan located at 47 Main Street in Downtown Gloucester offers a coupon for 15% off any single item. The Cape Ann Business Incubator and Sustainable Cape Ann’s coupon book has been wildly successful and can be purchased right at the counter at The Black Swan for ten dolla!

You could probably pay for most of the cost of the coupon book with a single purchase at The Black Swan and then have loads of coupons left over to save money all over town.

The Black Swan, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Cape Ann Brewing Company

Where The Locals Go

Today’s Where The Locals Go coupon spotlight is for The Cape Ann Brewing Company on Commercial Street in the Fort.  There are three coupons, each for a free pint glass with the purchase of a T shirt.

Cape Ann Brewing Company, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Again and Again Inc.

Again and Again, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

From a friend of Freida who wrote very nice things about her.-

Frieda came to this country from Germany in 1997, after living on the West Coast she and her family settled to Gloucester. Where Frieda fell in love with the ocean, boating and the community of Gloucester.

Frieda is somewhat of an accidental entrepreneur.
She started the business Again and Again Inc. on order to solve the practical problem of what to do with “retired” sailcloth instead of throwing it in the landfill in 2005.
She opened her workshop on 195 East Main Street and there she designs the terrific, european styled totes, hand bags and messenger bags.

Frieda gets the stamina for making bags, running a business, and raising a family by year-round sunrise walks around the Back Sjore, Pilates classes and keeping up with her two young boys.
If she retires with Again and Again Inc., she will learn to how to weld and create some cool iron sculptures, she already has in her head.


Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- The Weathervane

Where The Locals Go

The Where The Locals Go coupon book spotlight for today is for The Weathervane in downtown Gloucester.

The Weathervane offers two separate coupons, each for 20% off any purchase excluding special orders, Cape Pond Ice merchandise and books. That’s another pretty substantial coupon which in many cases could pay for the cost of the coupon book itself ($10) leaving you hundreds of other coupons to save even more money with.

Weathervane Cape Pond Ice Gear

The Weathervane carries a full line of Cape Pond Ice Gear including shirts, hats, sweatshirts, Perfect Storm Cape Pond Ice gear.  Its amazing how much stuff they have in stock, ready to purchase for yourself or someone that wants a gift with a local flavor theme.

Weathervane Cape Pond Ice Gear, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Cape Ann Coffees

Where The Locals Go

Today’s Where The Locals Go coupon book spotlight is on Cape Ann Coffees in East Gloucester. The meeting place for Gloucester’s Old Guard of politicians, Cape Ann Coffees offers three coupons in the Where The Locals Go coupon book.
The first coupon is buy one coffee/espresso drink get one free. The second coupon is buy one sandwich or wrap and get the second one 50% off. The third is for free soup with a lunch order.
So if you used all three coupons you would essentially pay for the paltry cost of the coupon book ($10) and still have a ton of other coupons to use and save more money.

Where the Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Last Stop Variety

Where The Locals Go

Todays Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight is for Last Stop Variety in East Gloucester.  Last Stop Variety offers two coupons.

One is for a cup of coffee when you buy a muffin or cookie.  The other coupon is for a free  cookie with the purchase of a sandwich.

Here is a pic of the book for sale right by the register at Last Stop Variety-

Where The Locals Go Book At Last Stop Variety

Where the Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Bubbles

Where The Locals Go Coupon Book

Today’s edition of the Where The Locals Go coupon spotlight is on Bubbles. Bubbles, located at 137 Main Street Gloucester carries whimsical gifts for the female in your life. Bath soaps, candles funny postcards, bath robes, and much more fun stuff are all carried here.

In the Where The Locals Go coupon book which can be purchased for $10 all over town, Bubbles offers two coupons. One for 20% of the entire purchase which obviously would pay for the book with any purchase of $50 or more. Another coupon is in the book for a free lip balm with a $20 purchase.

Bubbles, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Bubbles Dishrags

New Feature- Where the Locals Go Coupon Spotlights

From the Sustainable Cape Ann website-

“Introducing a Coupon Book of Local Proportions (excerpts from the welcome statement)

Welcome to Cape Ann’s first Where the Locals Go! Coupon Book. Two local nonprofits, Sustainable Cape Ann and Cape Ann Business Incubator, have joined together to create this exciting new book.

Our objective is to encourage Cape Ann residents to support our local economy by purchasing more of the goods and services we need from locally owned businesses — ensuring that more of our consumer dollars are circulating and sustaining Cape Ann communities. Response to this initiative has been amazing, evidenced by the 100+ businesses that are providing thousands of dollars worth of discounts to community members through this book.

Coupon BookWe take our motto “Buy Local, Be Local, Think Local First” from Michael Shuman and the folks at BALLE (www.livingeconomies.org), namely that when we need to make a purchase, we simply consider first whether there is a reasonable local option.

We hope this book will be a resource for you to discover and re-discover our local business gems as well as an opportunity for you to connect with the friends and neighbors who add vitality to our community through their businesses.

Please keep in touch. Let us know what you loved — and what you didn’t — so we can improve the book for the next edition!

In the meantime, happy shopping and dining!

Alex Lamb & Erika Hansen

For feedback, contact: 978.281.1127

or info@sustainablecapeann.org

I’ll be occasionally highlighting one of the many coupons that will more than pay for the cost of this local coupon book ($10). What I find is if you actually buy the book at one of the participating stores and use the coupon on the spot you would actually pay for the book and then some right off the bat.