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Saturday afternoon and Haley is working like mad to fill everyone’s Easter basket. She has so much finesse and makes it all look so easy. I’m a messy cook and would after only a few minutes be covered in chocolate. Not such a bad thing, though.

White Chocolate Turtles

Caramel Choclate Nonpareils


At beautiful bunny cottage! The charming bunny houses at Nichols Candy House were made by Diane P. Don’t you love her imaginative details? Notice even the tiny blue eggs on the window frame and chimney

Nichols has vintage chocolate molds to celebrate every season. One year as a surprise, Barbara Nichols made me a very special Scotty dog, made from one of their antique molds. She’ll make one for you, too, by special order. The bunny in the foreground is made from a vintage mold.

Chocolate Tour

Stacey Jackson writes ~ Not too many people were out and about braving the snowbanks for the Downtown Gloucester Chocolate Tour today…. but we were and we had fun!!! Here is my sister and niece, Sandra & Courtney Brown in Fred Bodin’s gallery! We hope they have it again next year! Thanks for all the treats!

photo (3)
Stacey Jackson Photo

Hallie Baker Turtle Alley Day!

It’s all about the chocolate baby!  It’s that time of year- Chocolates on the table- chocolates as gifts-you get the drift.  Who doesn’t love a box of cashew turtles?

Well today it’s all about Hallie Baker and her chocolates as we bring you a slide show from her shop this morning and an afternoon episode of GMG’s Laurie Lufkin’s Inspired Cooking brought to you from Turtle Alley.  Check back at 1PM for the Turtle alley video with Laurie and Hallie.

Turtle Alley website here

In the meantime click this text for the Turtle Alley Slide Show

Click the pic for the Turtle Alley Slide Show