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It’s All About Sanibel Bean!

The very same day Lisa Ramos sends in this post about a place I’d never heard of in my entire life this dude walks in sporting a Sanibel Bean t-shirt.

If you don’t think it’s a small world you’re just plum crazy!


I’m gonna have to stop in there next spring when I’m down on the Southwest Coast of Florida.

Cynthia Hill Represents! In Cerabaia Italy!

Use them if you want Joey!!!

The one in the center of town is a small town outside Florence, Cerbaia, where we rented our villa….the wine and olive oil shot, at a restaurant/hotel in Sinalunga, one of my most favorites ~ Locanda Dell’Amorosa.

I will begin my Italian Food & Wine custom designed groups again in the fall of 2011.

Ciao, Cynthia



Gloucester Bumper Sticker Magnets- Thanks Frank Ciolino

Frank Ciolino, big time friend of GoodMorningGloucester went out of his way to cut to specification GMG bumper sticker magnets for those of you who don’t like to put stickers on their car.

You simply attach the sticker to the magnet and you can have the best of both worlds.

Frank went out of his way to provide these for free for our faithful readers so if you see him around town, give him a big thanks.

Come on down the dock to pick up your magnet.

First Gloucester Bumper Sticker Shot

We have our first Gloucester Bumper Sticker Picture from who else but- Frank Ciolino.

From Frank-
Hi Joe here is a picture of my daughter Mikayla Ciolino on the right Jillian on the left and Samantha in the center (Jill and Sam are Bobby Gross’ daughters from the Midnight Sun) and they all love my new bumper sticker

Mark Teiwes Appreciates The Artistic Sensibilites That Went Into The Design Of The GMG Sticker

Block Party Guerilla Art and Mark was very skeptical of being linked to the scene of the crime.

Mark Teiwes Appreciates The Artistic Sensibilites That Went Into The Design Of The GMG Sticker, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Good Spot For A Sticker

I requested that if you stopped by for a free Gloucester bumper sticker that you put it on your vehicle and not just take one and stick it in a drawer somewhere.

Damon asked me if any vehicle qualified and I had a sneaking suspicion that he was gonna stop by in his dory.  Of course he didn’t disappoint.

Good Spot For A Sticker, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Damon Represents!

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