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Chickity Check It!- Cape Ann BeerandBlog Article In GDT

Last Friday Scott Pytlik from the Gloucester Daily Times emailed asking if I was interested in writing a piece about  CapeAnnBeerandBlog. he had pitched the idea to editor Ray Lamont and once Ray green lighted it I hammered out the basics.

Scott asked if I could also try to explain the differences between bloggers, message board posters, and online commenting for less web savvy folks.

The first few meet-ups we had at Cape Ann Brewing were great and I’m looking forward to getting more folks involved to collaborate and help each other out over cold adult beverages. 🙂

Here’s the article in the Gloucester Daily Times

Chickity Check It! Ron Gilson’s The Gloucester I Love Posts

The Gloucester I Love

The Gloucester I Love

Ron has three new blog postings-

Gloucester Development Projects and Impact Upon Downtown Business

Residential Development: Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

Residential Development: Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong (Part II)

Chickity Check It!- Ron Gilson’s Common Sense Must Read

The Gloucester I Love

Ron Gilson is a man who remembers Gloucester’s glory days of fishing and tells it like it is.  No holds barred.  His offering in this weeks blog entry is a must read.  To check out Ron’s Latest Click This Text

Look for three more videos from Ron Gilsons archives coming in the coming weeks.

Chickity Check It- Ron Gilson’s thegloucesterilove blog

Coming soon to Dock Near You!
A blog, hosted by Gloucester waterfront historian, Ron Gilson,  will launch a regular  weekly publication in the immediate future.  He looks forward to your joining and engaging him as he embraces both the past and the future of America’s oldest commercial fishing port.  Please join Ron each week.


Chickity Check It! Miz Lia’s Blog & Flickr Page

Miz Lia has her own blog with photos taken always from a fresh funky perspective.  She proves the theory that you don’t necessarily need a $1000 camera to put together some interesting visually stunning photography.    Watch out world because once she does get herself a big girl camera she’s gonna be even more dangerous.

Last night she posted some pics from the First Ever Gloucester-Guerilla Art Project (G-GAP) on her site MizLia.  You can also check out her Flickr Site here-MizLia’s Flickr

I’d Just Like To Say

We have a fantastic collection of local photogs with blogs.

Right now I’d say that Steve’s Shooting My Universe is my favorite.  I’m continually blown away by his images.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out by clicking on the highlighted text and subscribe, you can thank me later.

Now This Is Not What I Had In Mind

A couple days ago, I got an email from seARTS detailing some of the information for the upcoming Partner With An Artist presentations around town this week.  It needed a little work and as I know Kathleen Valentine often works with seARTS I contacted her and told her if she whipped something up as far as a decent press release for the Events, that I would link to it.

Well she did, and it’s more than a little embarassing- click for Kathy’s Partner With An Artist Post