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Micah Dean Woodturning Bowls and Lures

look for part two of the Micah Dean demonstration coming this afternoon
click this text for Micah’s website

click picture to check Micahs site

click picture to check Micah's site

click picture to check Micahs site

click picture to check Micah's site

Micah Dean Woodturned Bowl

Micah Dean Woodturned Bowl

Micah Dean Woodturning Lures

Here’s Micah Dean who makes his own fishing lures and bowls in his wood turning shed in Magnolia.  Micah will be at the Cape Ann Farmers Market tonight showcasing his wares.  Look for my video interview with Micah at 3pm

Micah Dean Woodturning Lures, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Micah Deans Wood Turning Lathe

Micah Dean's Wood Turning Lathe

A mackerel plug in production at Micah Deans Lathe

A mackerel plug in production at Micah Dean's Lathe

Oil Cloth Bags At Alexandra’s Bread

At Alexandra’s Bread not only do they sell these cool bags made of oilcloth, but they sell rolls of vibrantly designed oilcloth for you to make your own things with.  Placemats, table cloths, drawer liners- there are many uses.

Arley Pett’s Beautiful Old School Gloucester Map Coasters At Alexandra’s Bread

Every time I go into Alexandra’s bread I’m astounded by all the cool stuff in there.  It’s not just bread either.  I hesitate to say that Alexandra’s talents are almost wasted in this space because I’d hate to see her go, but really she ought to be a buyer for a huge store.  She has assembled the coolest collections of things like Arley Pett’s 1899 Gloucester Map Coasters.

Donna Marchant Hand Knitted Green Stuff For St Paddy’s Day At Local Colors

Look for the Donna Marchant Video Interview at 4PM

Donna explains how the artist cooperative at Local Colors is run and takes us through some of her beautiful work.

For more information about Local Colors click this text to go to their website

Twin Lights Soda Logo T Shirts Exclusive At Alexandra’s Bread

If you were born in Gloucester you remember Twin Lights Soda.  You remember those heavy glass soda bottles and you remember the crates that they used to put the heavy glass bottles into.  You remember the different cool flavors like birch beer, and cream soda.

Well Alexandra’s Bread exclusively carries Twin Light T Shirts.  She had them made up with permission from the bottler.  For a little bit of nostalgia, cruise on down to Alexandra’s Bread, grab a cobble or six and check out all teh cool stuff on the walls for sale.

Click here for a story on Twin Lights Bottling from The Salem Evening News

Alexandra’s Bread Oilcloth Bags

Yesterday I popped into Alexandra’s Bread to grab some cobbles for my girls.  You should see Snoop Maddie Mad tear through a cobble, she loves em!

But they always have some funky cool stuff for sale and Alexandra changes up the product mix all the time.

Here are some bags made from oil cloth.  There were also place mats,  baby bibs and other items made from oil cloth.

Hand Spun Yarns At Present On Pleasant

Is there some kind of knitting revolution going on?   Between these hand spun yarns at Present on Pleasant Street, Coveted Yarns on East Main Street, and Kat Valentine’s knitting blog I feel like there is some devious secret knitters plot brewing.   Be aware people, they’re all around us these knitters!

Gloucester Oneseas At Present On Pleasant

Gloucester Oneseas with onesies and small t-shirts adorned with such things as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, starfish, and other local Gloucester related logos is also featured in the 9:00AM Part III  Present on Pleasant Video.

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