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Gloucester Gig Rowers are back in the water for the 2016 season

Hi Joey,

The Gloucester Gig Rowers are back in the water for the 2016 season.

The Siren Song and the Annie B are ready to row.

The Gannet is being worked on by members, expected launch May 1,2016.

In the photo are,on the left…Clem Courcy, Eileen Courcy, Christy Milhouse….on the right…Eddie Acosta, Bill Helmuth, Peter Begley

For more info check them out at www.GloucesterGigRowers.com

Row Hard,

Cliff McCarthy

Gloucester Gig Rowers Get Their Gig on On A Raw Sunday Morning

For more information on how you can get involved in the gig rowing program you can contact Maritime Gloucester and The Gloucester Gig Rower’s Website


Chickity Check It-Gloucester Gig Rowers Blog

Gloucester Gig Rowing

Gloucester Gig Rowing

I was stumbling around the internet as I normally do with my down time here at the dock and came accross this blog with many pictures of Gloucester Gig Rowers.

It seems the blog is in it’s infancy and if they keep at it a while, I’ll probably add it to the blogroll, but there are some interesting pictures to share about just what gig rowing is all about.

Check it out and get involved. I bet you can find out more information at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center where the Gigs are docked.

Here’s the link- Gloucester Gig Rowing