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It Must Be Spring

gig rowers

The Gloucester Gig Rowers enjoying a cruise around Smiths Cove this beautiful morning with Gannet and Annie B.

The Gloucester Gig Rowers started in 1985, when a group of Cape Ann women approached boat builder Larry Dahlmer and asked him to build them a boat inspired by the pilot gigs of Southwest England. The result was the Siren Song — a 29’, plywood-construction gig. The original group of women remained active until the early 1990s, when other interests and events intervened.

At this point, Siren Song spent some time in dry dock, then was loaned to rowing programs at the Hull Life Saving Museum (Massachusetts) and in Kittery, Maine.

In the spring of 2001, Siren Song returned to Gloucester. Ann Banks organized a new group and created a program within the newly-formed Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center. In 2004, a second boat was commissioned by the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center (now Maritime Gloucester) and built by Dave Condino.  Launched in the spring of 2007, the Gannet is built to the standards of a traditional Cornish pilot gig.

Over the winter-spring of 2012, a new gig was commissioned to be built at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.  This newest gig, named the Annie B in honor of Ann Banks, has been at their dock since summer 2013.

E.J. Lefavour

Gloucester Gig Rowers get a new Gig! From Rick Isaacs

Hi Joey,

Gloucester Gig Rowers held our christening and launching party on Sunday evening, 8 Jul for our new 32′ Cornish Pilot Gig, custom-built for us by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Champlain Longboats School  http://www.lcmm.org/education/champlain_longboats.htm .  Here are a few pictures of our party party to celebrate the arrival of our new boat, and christen her.  She can be seen moored at the Harriet Webster Pier at Gloucester Maritime, on Harbor Loop.

The boat’s name is the "Annie B", and one picture shows Annie Banks, her namesake and one of the chief founders of Gloucester Gig Rowers, breaking the traditional bottle of champaign over her bow.

Sorry this took a while – I needed to secure the club’s approval for all of these mug shots to be published before sending this.  We would be grateful for any coverage which you could provide us!

All best,

Rick Isaacs

Gloucester gig rowers get a new boat

Hi Joey,

Look for a brand new blue and orange gig in the harbor tomorrow.  The Gloucester gig rowers got a new boat, the "Annie B", here being christened by Ann Banks and duly admired at Maritime Gloucester this evening.

Martha Lazrus