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ESPN Features Gloucester High Football Summer Training Program On Good Harbor Beach

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — It’s 6 a.m. on a Wednesday at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, and 80 or so groggy athletes come stumbling over the wooden bridge and over the dunes. Their half-open eyes look toward the harbor, which is covered in a pea soup fog. The horizon’s a seamless coat of gray, merging sea and sky into one. It seems you can swim in the air it’s so humid.

Some of the teenagers are wearing T-shirts with the words “Dedication Leads to Domination” spelled out in maroon letters on the back. They wear them like badges of honor. It’s proof positive they endured last summer’s challenge.

Now they’re back for more.

Gloucester athletes training on the beach

Scott BarbozaRunning is still a big part of the Gloucester summer training program, but it has evolved into so much more than that.

Every summer since 1995, Gloucester assistant football coach Mike Lattof has led the Fishermen through an offseason workout program. Starting in July and ending a couple of weeks before the start of the fall athletic season, Lattof orchestrates a training regimen that aims to increase speed and agility.

For the rest of the story go to ESPN HERE

Here is Thom Falzarano and David Cox 2009 Championship Season Video which starts off at The Good Harbor Beach Training Sessions

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