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GHS Chess Champ

I have to Brag a little. It’s my Blog time slot so I can do what I want.

My number 4 Son Chris is number 1 in the East Division of the North Shore Interscholastic Chess League, Board #2.

The GHS Chess Team had a great Year, had a lot of Fun and met some great Friends From other High Schools across the State.

Congrats Chris.

The Champs Plaque!


Thinking hard

Making his opponent sweat



GHS Chess Team Keeps on Rolling!

The GHS Chess Team Keeps Rolling On!

The GHS Chess Team Remains Undefeated after beating their main rivals Swampscott High School 33-11

The GHS Chess Team is 7-0 so far this Season with one Match to go. They’ve already earned a first round bye in The upcoming North Shore Scholastic Chess League Tournament.

Look for More Breaking GHS Chess News and Photos,

(If I can teach these Geniuses how to use a Camera)

Right here on GMG!

GHS Chess Team Coach Zack Roy

Dylan Lane and Avery George practice their Poker faces

Chris Frontiero Contemplating his next Move. Chris' Overall Season Record is 18-0-1

Quinn O'Neil Stares down an Opponent


Another GHS Team is Undefeated!!!

Another GHS Team heads for a Undefeated Season!

But where are the Cheerleaders and the Pep Club?

 The Gloucester High School CHESS TEAM  quietly heads for a undefeated 2010 Season.

They are currently at 5 Wins 0 Losses with 3 matches to go.

I will keep you updated with breaking Chess news as it happens.


Thanks to Chris Frontiero for the Photos.

In deep thought

Sometimes the action can be fast and furious!

Oh No! He figured it out!