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Dean Salah To Host Gloucester High School Football Program At Georges Coffee Shop Saturday Morning 104.9

Hey Joey, hows things, the site seems to be booming and the summer ahs obviously kept you hopping!!

  I am hosting radio station 104.9 on Sat. morning, they are doing a live show from 8 to 9 out of the shop.

It is to kick off the high school football season, they will interview Paul Ingram as well as the Gloucester

football captains, I don’t know if it is too late to get this on the blog but if you can that would be great, also

stop by if your not busy, it should be a fun morning!!   talk to ya soon,  Dean


Two Great local Fundraisers –Sent In By Dean Salah At Georges Coffee Shop



Dean writes-

Hey Joey can you help me spread the word about two great fundraisers we have going.
First off the Kevin Riley fundraiser has secured four seats to the Sox vs. Tampa game Sept. 7th.
Tickets donated by Gortons on sale at Georges $10 each, this is a no brainer to throw $10 at a great
cause, but to have the chance to win four seats to this crucial game is a huge bonus, they are picking the winner
at the ball game Thursday night so get your tickets now.

Secondly the GFAA is selling tickets to the Cruiseport Gala to
kick off the Renewal of Newell fundraiser. Only 600 tickets are being sold at $25 each, including a DJ, munchies
cash bar,beer and wine. Our kids really deserve a new field and Dick Wilson and the entire GFAA staff are really gonna
get it done so lets support the cause. Tickets for both events are on sale at George’s so get your tickets now.

Meet The School Committee Chair At Georges

Dean Salah writes in-
Val Gilman, chair of the Gloucester School Committee, will be hosting a
community coffee group meeting every Tuesday morning from 8:30 to 10
at George’s Coffee Shop on Washington St.,complimentary coffee will be provided.
Our initial group will be Tuesday June 1st and every Tuesday through the end of July.
All are welcome to stop by her table and chat about any and all topics related to Gloucester
Public Schools. This is a great opportunity to meet Val and air any questions you may have
regarding our schools.

Hope to see you all , Dean

Georges By Night- The Total Package

Last night was the total package- fantastic food,fantastic music but most importantly fantastic company.  Thanks Dean for inviting us to a great evening.  It was a pleasure meeting Steve Asaro and wife Chris- what great Gloucester people- unpretentious, fun people who have 5 kids at home and still get out and enjoy themselves.  We had a blast.

Look for the next George’s By Night special evening and reserve your space right away.  It was a packed house.  I suspect because the first one was so successful and featuring music by Chelsea Berry can’t hurt!.  I’m sure Dean will let me know when the next one is so y’all can get a reservation.









Great Gloucester Burger Wars- Dean Salah Weighs In- George’s Coffee Shop Anadama Burger

The Great Gloucester Burger Wars-

Hey Joe, Dean Salah from George’s Coffee Shop, I’d like to throw my Anadama Burger into the mix of your requests for great burgers. I believe you posted a picture a while back. Your site is just exploding in popularity, quite impressive. I look forward to it daily in my e-mail inbox. Keep up the good work!!! Dean

$6.25 w/chips and pickle. Add fries for $1.

Gloucester At Dawn- George’s Coffee Shop 4:50AM 7/29/09

Gloucester At Dawn- George’s Coffee Shop 4:50AM 7/29/09, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

George’s Kale Soup with Amadama Bread

Billy Scrobacz, skipper of the Fishing Vessel Toots, Pete Mondello and I returned to George’s Coffee Shop for some lunch fare.

It was just as good as the first time, and ridiculously cheap.

We’ll be back.

Oh, and by the way that’s Billy’s big banza in the picture, not mine. HA!

George’s Coffee Shop -I’ll Be Back

image_1, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

George’s Coffee shop represents everything that is right about Gloucester restaurants compared to the chain joints you find in 99% of the rest of the country. Founded in the early 1900’s and staying true to it’s roots the place oozes history. The food is actually very creative for an old school joint. Dean Salah who runs the place is on top of everything.

I got the Breakfast Cups which are crispy potato cups filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon, with salsa and sour cream on the side. It also came with a choice of toast. I opted for the sweet bread and it was thick and delicious. As full as I was I would have made room for more of that bread.

The only thing surpassing the food and value was the five star service. Dean obviously runs a tight ship, but these girls were fantastic.  The girls working the floor must share tips because every time they walked by I had my coffee filled or asked if I needed anything or how was my meal. It was a different girl every time and they were all very pleasant and efficient, never looking overwhelmed, which at some places it drives me nuts. I’ll be back.

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