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Fishing The Nor’ Easter On The Trapper John

The Boat Rolls Hard As George Walks The Trap Down The Rail


Visibility=Not Good As The Block Swings Wildly In The Wind


A Trawl Line Tightens As It Hauls Up Gear From The Bottom


George Sets The Gear Back Off The Stern- Mere Inches From The Edge As The Boat Rides The Latest Wave And Steve Loads The Bait Bags




Offloading Barnacle Encrusted Lobster Gear For Cleaning

I took these shots with my new cameraphone The HTC EVO.  It tends to over saturate pictures and isn’t nearly as good a camera as my Sony DSC H20 but the beauty of it is that I can take a picture and post it to the blog in mere seconds.  That is how I got you guys the Greasy Pole and Seine Boat results within 30 seconds of each finish beating every other media outlet by many hours and days.

I was sitting on the forktruck (the black bar in the middle is the mast of the forktruck) when I took these shots

click the pictures for the full sized versions