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GAAC Introduction to Astronomy Tonight in Lanesville!

GAACGloucester Area Astronomy Club, “Intro to Amateur Astronomy,” is tonight, Friday night, March 15 at 8:00PM, at the Lanesville Community Center

GAAC will feature presentations on the rewards of the hobby, what the different types of telescopes are, how they work, how to buy one, how much to spend, what to look at, you name it. Everything you need to know to get started, or to up your game. Bring your questions! The public is warmly invited; as always, there are no dues or fees, and presentations are geared toward the general public.

The Lanesville Community Center is located at 8 Vulcan Street, Gloucester, MA.

If they let Rubber Duck take a peek, they’ll let you too!


GAAC: Gloucester Area Astronomy Club cancelled tonight

GAACGloucester Area Astronomy Club, “Intro to Amateur Astronomy,” is moving to next Friday night, March 15 at 8:00PM, at the Lanesville Community Center as usual. We’ll have the same great program we were expecting tonight. 

I’ll post next Thursday as a reminder as this Introduction is not to be missed.

Big GAAC meeting this Friday, 8:00 PM at the Lanesville Community Center


Friday night’s GAAC meeting has been cancelled on account of really really bad weather. Ted Blank’s great talk has been rescheduled to July 12.


At the February 8th meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club, GAAC favorite Ted Blank will speak to us about the Curiosity Mars rover! The Curiosity rover and the Mars Science Laboratory it carries are the most expensive, most complex instruments ever sent to the surface of another planet. In addition to great pictures, Curiosity is now returning cutting-edge science data for the first time. Join NASA Solar System Ambassador Ted Blank for an in-depth look at the news and photos “just in from Mars”! GAAC meets on the second Friday of every month at the Lanesville Community Center, at 8:00 pm. There are no dues or fees, and everyone is welcome. You can learn more about us at http://gaac.us or on our Facebook page, at http://facebook.com/gaacpage

Breaking News: Sky will be Dark over Cape Ann Tonight!!

Well duh, you say, the sun goes down followed by dark pretty much every night. But if you look at that clear blue sky over your head right now with a breeze that will die to a gentle puff from the north by morning and the crescent moon does not rise until 2:54AM that means it might be really really dark. So go look at the stars tonight*. (*see end of post for update!)

If you go down to Good Harbor Beach on the bridge end and look to the twin towers on Thacher the 11% waning crescent moon will rise at 2:54 AM and maybe a half hour later it will look like this (from earthsky.org)

Just replace those buildings with the lighthouse towers.

Next week I will be posting about an amazing local organization that has no dues, no overhead, but plenty of great members who all share a love of stuff up in the sky. The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club or GAAC (like the sound a cat makes getting rid of a hairball oh now you’ll remember). GAAC has a website, a Facebook Page, and a Tweeting Twitter account to stay up to date on their telescope meet ups on Halibut Point or their telescope parties (one just last week) at Bearskin Neck (best line, a tourist kid upon looking at Saturn’s rings “Is that real or is that painted on?”)

These dudes and dudettes know their sky. I learned more in an hour on Bearskin than I did earning my Boy Scout Astronomy Merit Badge. In twenty minutes, Saturn, Mars, binary stars, two galaxies in one eyepiece, M13 (a pantload of stars) and a half dozen more of those things Mister Messier thought were pretty cool to look at. (Actually they annoyed him as he looked for comets but that’s another story.)

GAAC members meet at St Paul Lutheran Church in Lanesville, at 8:00 pm on the second Friday of every month.

EXTRA EXTRA Even More Breaking News: GAAC will be setting up for the sunset at 8:22PM TONIGHT in the field across from the parking lot at Halibut Point. Spray on bug spray before you come, a red flashlight if you have one and don’t trip over tripods. You’ll see cool stuff not of this world and Rubber Duck will be there.  Astronomical twilight is 10:38PM