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Happy Independence Day!

Photos taken of the fireworks last night, from my perch on the roof of the rectory:


Special thanks and prayers for all the men and women who have served their country to help protect and defend our freedom!

Besides the fireworks, what a beautiful moon we had last night…

-Fr. Matthew Green

Moonrise behind Our Lady of Good Voyage

On my way to an appointment yesterday evening, I saw this amazing view. I turned my car around on Prospect St. and parked in order to snap this shot – and met another photographer who had done exactly the same thing at the same spot (we ended up parked one behind the other, and shooting from the same spot on the sidewalk…).

Moonrise behind Our Lady of Good Voyage

Super Moon Rising Tonight at 7:14 PM

At my regular posting time of 2PM it was overcast and snowing so I was not going to make this post. But look outside, crystal blue sky. So set the alarm to 7PM so you can race out to Good Harbor Beach or Rockport Harbor or any place you can view the skyline due east because the Super Moon is rising at 7:14 PM.

What is a Super Moon? A moon which becomes full close to perigee which means it is closest to the earth. This has not happened since March of 1983. The moon appears about 14% bigger at perigee. The moon apeears bigger because it is a full moon, (well duh), and the moon appears bigger when it is near the horizon.

So unless you want to get up at 6:16 AM to watch this Super Moon set, watch it rise. Some people think that a super moon causes more lunacy (luna, aka moon) but I think that is lunacy. But you might see some lunacy on Good Harbor Beach at 7:14 PM.