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Late Afternoon Fruit Smoothies!



This afternoon I cracked open a fresh coconut, purchased at Market Basket, for it’s milk to help daughter Amanda fix a fresh mixed fruit smoothie after her afternoon training secession at The Manchester Athletic Club. Our Magic Bullet is currently Amanda’s most favorite kitchen gadget. She is having fun blending different concoctions at least twice per day! 


Fruit Smoothie


Assorted fresh fruit

Greek yogurt


Local Honey

Flaxseed oil


Fresh baby spinach

Fresh Coconut Water


1 combine all ingredients in Magic Bullet clear plastic container,(follow Magic Bullet max fill line; blend 30 – 40 seconds; transfer to serving glass; garnish with fresh fruit serve immediately


Sista Felicia’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget Of The Week!




 I absolutely love my Good Grips Cherry Pitter, by OXO! The OXO cherry Pitter, removes the pit swiftly without bruising the fruit. This handy little gadget makes eating cherries more enjoyable without their pits, and keeps them looking pretty enough to add to a summer fruit salad.  The OXO’s small non slip handle design is perfect  for the tiniest of hands. Most kids find this gadget more like a toy, and look forward to the task of removing pits.  Yesterday within hours of my daughter Amanda’s arrival home from school for summer break, I found her at our kitchen island pitting a big bag of cherries just for fun!

It’s Simply a summer kitchen gadget must have !