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Herring Flats

These are whart we call flats of frozen herring.

Usually the flats weigh 45 lbs, these particular flats weigh 25 lbs each.  They are being laid out on the floor so that they will defrost and our lobstermen can use them right away.  The 45 lb flats of herring or pogies  take a while to defrost.  To pull the fish apart is a huge pain in the ass when they are a big frozen rectangular solid block.   Breaking down pallet after pallet of frozen 45 lb flats wreaks havok on our backs but the real strain comes when you gotta lift them all back up while bent over.

I know, I know bend your knees.  It still doesn’t make it easier when your on your fifth pallet and they are stacked up high.  Not fun.  Not fun at all.

Herring Flats, originally uploaded by captjoe06.