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Swans on Front Beach, Rockport Feb 4 From Bobbie Brooks in Lanesville ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

I so enjoy GMG each evening, and would like to contribute as I see something of interest.  This morning I caught a glimpse of a pair of Swans at the water’s edge on Front Beach in Rockport as I was driving by. I had to stop and enjoy!  Luckily my little pocket Canon was with me.  I had not noticed swans at salt water before, but then realized, Mill Pond has a stream outlet at this area.  With the upcoming storms, I hope they find food and a safe haven.

Community Art 1/24/13

Seven Swans a Swimming

Dear Joey,

I’m sure you know all about the family of 7 swans that spent most of the summer and fall at Front Beach in Rockport (see photo 1868, and our granddaughter Brooke confronting the “father swan” in 1888).  Inspired by this, my wife, Judy Alpert’s fourth recent Bas relief wall mural is called Seven Swans a Swimming and is displayed in the picture window of her studio, Town and Sea,  at 93 Main St. in Rockport (see photos attached).  The puzzle pieces are stoneware (fired to 2300 deg F) with glazes mostly custom mixed by the artist.  Thought your audience might be interested.

R.L. Alpert, ScD, FSFPE

Editor in Chief, Journal of Fire Protection Engineering

DSCN1868DSCN1888Seven Swans a Swimming-2

Front Beach Sand Castle

Front Beach Sand Castle

Rockport, Ma 08/19/2012

I love the Moat and the trees.

Front Beach, Rockport, circa 1900

Front Beach, Rockport, circa 1900 Charles H. Cleaves/©Fredrik D. Bodin
These folks are enjoying Front Beach in the latest beach attire. Observatory Point sits in the distance on the right. The Rockport fire house is on the left, with its hose drying tower. It wasn’t until after 1819 that water buckets were replaced by a great improvement in fire-fighting equipment – the cotton hose. After use, the hoses needed to dry, and this took place in a 50 to 60 foot tower. Often, a fire bell was hung in the top of the tower.


Printed from the original 4×5 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Negative # A9445-046
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Low Tide At Front Beach

Submitted to the GMG Flickr Group by Thomas Philbrook who writes-

This little beach is right behind our building. Surprisingly, this is just how the image came out of the camera. The only Photoshop was some sharpening. Even the gull on the rock is original! 

Low Tide At Front Beach, originally uploaded by Thomas Philbrook.