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Thank You Freida For The Incredibly Thoughtful Gift

Freida from Again and Again Sailbags made me this beautiful GMG Logo messenger bag to carry my blogging gear (cameras, tripod,connectivity cables, GMG Stickers and more) Much thanks for the thoughtful gesture which blew me away.

Check Out The Again and Again on GMG Here

Rocky Neck Artist In Residence Melinda Hannigan

Melinda left Gloucester yesterday to drive back cross country to Seattle making stops along the way with her Irish companion whose name escapes me (I get a pass on forgetting her name as she called me Bob a couple times).

Here she poses with a couple of her pieces made from actual sails.  When speaking with Melinda she told me how helpful and supportive Freida Grotjahn from Again and Again had been during her stay as well as Bob Ritchie from Dogtown Book Store.

Rocky Neck Artist In Residence Melinda Harrington, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Melinda Harrington Art From Sails

Melinda Harrington Art From Sails

Melinda Harrington Art From Sails

Melinda Hannigan Art From Sails

Again And Again Recycled Sailcloth Handbag Contest Auction

Don’t forget about Thursday night’s handbag auction with proceeds going to Gloucester and Rockport sailing programs.

Again and Again 195 East Main St, Gloucester Ma

Again and Again 195 East Main St, Gloucester Ma

Freida Grotjahn Displays Contest Entries In The Window

Freida Grotjahn Displays Contest Entries In The Window

Again and Again Handbag Auction Thursday Night Video

clcik to play video

clcik to play video

The Auction is Thursday Night for more details click this text


Frieda asked me to contact you about the handbag contest auction that’s coming up. As you know, Again and Again is sponsoring a handbag contest which has been running for the past month or so. We have gotten a lot of entries, and they are all going to be displayed on Thursday night in the shop, where each entry will be able to be bid on. All proceeds will go directly to the Gloucester and Rockport Youth Sailing Program. We have over thirty extremely creative entries and we would love if you could post the information for Thursday night on your site. It’s open to absolutely everyone. There will be light food and drink, as well as door prizes. We would also love to have you stop by on Thursday to see what what we’ve put together, if you get a chance.


Mr Not-So-Jinglenuts Digs The Mrs One Of A Kind Lobster Bag!

How cool is the whole concept anyway? Bags made from recycled sails.

The material is obviously perfect because it is strong and durable and weather resistant. The used sails were going to end up clogging up some landfill but now are being made into beautiful works of functional art.

I mean it all makes such perfect sense. Hell, even Mr JJ Not-So Jinglenuts digs it. And if Mr JJ Not-So-Jinglenuts digs em, they must be CAF

Again And Again Limited Edition Badass Lobster Bag

Freida made the Mrs a special edition lobster bag upon request. I personally think it’s the baddest ass bag in the planet!

If you’re really really nice and ask Freida she might make you one too. Call her at her shop (978)-407-7849

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Again and Again

Where The Locals Go

Today’s Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight is on Again and Again Inc, located in East Gloucester Square. Again and Again produces hand made bags and pouches from “retired” sailcloth. A fantastic idea for a sustainable Cape Ann. There are two coupons located in the $10 Where The Locals Go coupon book for 10% off any purchase at Again and Again. I will be showcasing some of her very cool and hip designs over the next few days. Her website is http/://www.againnagain.com check it out

Again and Again, originally uploaded by captjoe06.