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Full Length Free Fall to Earth


This is the full length video of the Felix Baumgartner free fall. I hated the ones that clipped him off as he disappeared straight down.


20 seconds: door pops open as the pressure equalizes.

1:20 “I’m coming home” and a bunny hop. If you sit right on 1:20 and keep replaying this and pretend he is just getting smaller and not falling. Weird, huh?  I used to jump out of airplanes and that bunny hop off the wheel strut was always a rush but Felix is cool as a cucumber.

2:20 hitting the speed of sound (768mph) he is spinning like a crazy top with end over end thrown in. Don’t repeat this part unless you want to toss your cookies.

9:30 Drops to knees, two fists up after falling 128,000 feet, 24.24 miles or from Gloucester Harbor to Fenway Park. (Which took 8 minutes total, no waiting in the hotdog line.)

[edit] Actually, it only took him 4 minutes to get to Kenmore Square, then 4 more minutes to float into Fenway Park. Traffic always sucks in Kenmore.