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13 Days!!! A Contest From The Infamous Fred Buck! AND St Peter’s Fiesta Family Free Fun Day At Cape Ann Museum!!!!

Fred Buck Writes-

joey – from the charlie lowe archives at the cape ann museum:  late 1950s, practice for the race.  i recognize sleepy and paul ciluffo (?) behind him…  first person to name everyone in the boat AND the winner of that year’s race wins the grand prize – 8×10 glossy of the pic and 2 free passes to the museum.  stay tuned, folks.  more to come!
infamous f.b.

click the picture to view full sized

45-36ng (1)

I believe my father is the second man from the top left of the boat.  Saint Peter’s Fiesta will always be my favorite time of the year.

Thanks Fred

click here for a link to the GMG Fiesta coverage

Today Is The Cape Ann Museum Fiesta Family Fun Day Exhibit!


Museum presents St. Peter’s Fiesta – Inspired Family Fun Day June 11th(Today)!

Viva San Pietro! Visit the Cape Ann Museum on Saturday, June 11 to learn more about Gloucester’s historic St. Peter’s FiestaThe second Saturday of each month is family fun day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Drop by to enjoy free admission for family members, gallery exploration handouts, and art & history activities, including Fiesta inspired oar decorating, a Fiesta parade map activity, and a Greasy Pole challenge. Light refreshments will be served throughout the day.  This program is free and open to the public.

The Cape Ann Museum is located at 27 Pleasant Street in Gloucester. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Museum is closed on Mondays, and on major holidays. Admission is $8.00 adults, $6.00 Cape Ann residents, students and seniors. Children under 12 and Museum members are free. The Museum is wheelchair accessible. For more information please call: (978) 283-0455. Additional information can be found online at www.capeannmuseum.org

15 DAYS!!!!!

July 5th 1960 Gloucester Daily Times Fiesta Photos from the Infamous Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum

click the photo to see the larger view-


Fred writes-

joey – this is a section of a page from the july 5 1960 gdt showing scenes from that year’s fiesta.  i think i found it in somebody’s trash a long time ago.  i thought you could crop down to some of the photos showing sporting events (the vertical! greasy pole – bring that one back!).  i think most of the photos were by charlie lowe, the master, but no bylines, just ‘times staff’.


11 Days!!! New Contest- Fiesta Families

The Infamous One Writes-

joey – i’ll stick with the reisman color slides for now, but the black and white photos tell a story too.  more of them later.  i won’t ask for the names of these family members – they might be visiting from out of town – but to win the prize, you have to tell me the exact location of these pix, street AND number.  and don’t try to make me blink … infamous already KNOWS the answer, because he looked up ‘john’s barber shop’ in the 1952 city directory at the cape ann museum archives.  museum has a full set of these, just like another gloucester treasure – the sawyer free library.  use ’em or lose ’em!
infamous f.b.  stay tuned, don’t turn that dial!
[i’ll print up the ladies for kathy g and she can pick them up at the museum front desk weds. morning on, at her convenience.  is this kathy g. roberts?]

gloucester fiesta 7/52
[john's barbershop at 10 minutes to one.  giovanni eremito, 29 commercial st.]old lady at fiesta 7/51 gloucester

Yes Fred it is THAT Kathy G Roberts who took home the gold yesterday!  No double winners Kathy, so you could guess again but if someone else gets this one they can stake claim to the prize unless of course you are the only winner.

Thanks Fred-


we have a winner..

The Infamous Fred Buck Writes-

joe giacalone nailed this right on the money -  the Sacred Heart, built in Maine by Frank Militello and John Aiello winter of 1944-5.  joe says he can name everyone in the photos (including himself as a little kid in one of them).    infamous f.b. will be traveling to addison st. in a limo to deliver the grand prize to joe and take some serious notes on names and faces to add to the files at the historical.  thanks to david cox for never throwing anything away!


Gloucester Negatives With A Prize From The Infamous Fred Buck and David Cox

Fred Buck Writes-

joey –
i’ve been working with dave cox of main street antiques on his personal collection of gloucester negatives.  among those are three sets of photos of gloucester fishing boats taken in the 1940s:  immaculate conception, launch from montgomery boat yard on ferry st in 1946.; st. christopher, launch from reed brothers in boothbay harbor maine in 1944; and the christening of another boat at fort wharf (?) around the same time.
we need some help from gmg. HELP!  if anyone recognizes the folks on deck or the boat or the location, let us know.  prize is an 8×10 glossy of your favorite shot.
infamous fred buck


Bill Hubbard Asks About His Grandfather’s Boat The Superior

Bill Hubbard Writes-

I’m trying to track down an important bit of history about my Grandfather’s Boat.  Capt. John A. Dahlmer’s fishing boat Superior was taken by the US Navy early in WW-II.  We have heard that she was used to supply weather stations along the Greenland and Newfoundland coasts with fuel and food.  She was returned to the family in 1944.  As a child, I remember seeing a paper certificate issued by the US Navy thanking him for the use of his boat in the war effort.  He was also paid $1 for each of the 4 years she was on naval duty.
My question is, what was the name of the navy command that operated Superior and other New England vessels during the war years?  I’m sure some of your readers had similar experiences with other boats at that time and, maybe someone can tell me.  Maybe even someone has a picture of her at that time.  A picture of Superior sporting her new, first in the fleet, whaleback bow in 1935 is attached.
Bill Hubbard

Superior with whaleback bow

Bill this would be a great question that maybe our FOB Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum could answer-


Fred Buck Finds Another Picture Of Our Grandfather- Captain Joe Ciaramitaro- Thanks Fred!

From the Archives at The Cape Ann Museum.  ask and you shall receive-

If you have any Gloucester topics from the past which you would like to find out about, go to the Cape Ann Museum and talk to the friendly folks down in the archives.  They are happy to help you discover things that you may not know had existed.

Our Grandfather Captain Joe, the man our dock is named after is second from the rightAF1940-01-001a

Our Grandfather Captain Joe 1946 Article From The Atlantic Fisherman Courtesy Fred Buck and The Cape Ann Museum

joey – ran across this page in ‘atlantic fisherman’ from 1946.  feel free to post in gmg.  it’s from the collection of the cape ann museum, full set of the publication from the 1920s to 1950s donated by the publisher, gardner lamson, about 30 years ago.  he also gave us a trove of original photos of the gloucester fleet and wharves, skippers and owners, fishermen, processing plant workers and managers, etc.  there’s a lot of history in those pages.
fred buck


"Atlantic Fisherman" Archive
Gardner Lamson Collection

The Cape Ann Museum is one of Gloucester’s Finest Treasures and There is Something Interesting To see For Everyone

Click On The Banner Below To Find Out More


Fred Buck Comes Through With A Couple Of Photos Of Our Grandfather Captain Joe’s Boat The Benjamin C

When Mary Ann Anderson asked last week on these pages if anyone had any photos of her grandfather’s boat The Rosemarie, Fred Buck who works in The Photo department at The Cape Ann Historical Museum sent us a picture to post for her.

Fred wrote in the comment section letting folks know that he would help locate other photos of the Gloucester fleet so I asked if there were any of our Grandfather Captain Joe’s boat The Benjamin C.  Within hours Fred responded with not one but two.

There’s more than a few lessons here. 

  • Read the comment sections and participate in the GMG comment section under each post, You never know what golden nuggets get uncovered in there and it’s a part of what makes the GMG community special.
  • Cape Ann Historical Museum On Pleasant Street has a treasure trove of local artifacts, photos and information.
  • We have some excellent people who read GMG with a wide range of local interests and love to help. Example in this case- Fred Buck from The Cape Ann Museum.

Fred emailed me two photos, one of which was owned by the museum, it’s a 1951 photo taken by Philip Reisman.


Here’s the history of this boat from our Company’s website- Captain Joe and Son’s History

On the site there are pictures of the boat being launched at The Story shipyard in Essex and many more photos of my Grandfather and his crew-

Thanks Fred!

More of The Rosemarie From The Archives Of The Cape Ann Museum Provided By Fred Buck

Fred Writes-

joey – here’s a rave review the bessemer corp. gave the boat and her owners in june of 1938.  i’ve sent copies of this and some other material to mary ann for her father.
fred buck, cape ann museum photo dj


Fred Buck Answers The Call Re: Photos Of The Rosemarie

A couple of days ago Mary Ann Anderson wrote in asking for help finding photos of her grandfather’s fishing boat, The Rosemarie-

Hi Joey,

I’m looking for some old photos of my grandfather’s fishing boat the Rosemarie. I was wondering if you could put something on the Good Morning Gloucester website to see if anyone has some. The boat sank years ago. My brother (Tom Scola) and I don’t have. My father, Joe Scola, is now 88 and would love to see some. Please let me know if this is something that can be done. Thank you.

Fred Buck who works in the photo department at the Cape Ann Museum dug around and  came through for us!

Fred wrote me yesterday-

joey – i work in the photo dept. at the cape ann museum.  saw the post looking for pics of the ‘rosemarie’  we’ve got a real beauty taken in the early 30s for Atlantic Fisherman by gloucester photographer john c. adams (she was built in maine in 1930) of her steaming into the harbor past the paint factory.  we’ve also got a number of others of her in harbor cove from the early 40s.  i’m attaching a low res version if you want to send it on to her or attach it to the post.  she’s welcome to get in touch with me at this email address and i’ll give her details on what we have and where she can find some other pix.  thanks for keeping it real!
fred buck


Worth Seeing!

On exhibition March 7 through May 31, 2009

****Admission to the Museum will be free to all Cape Ann residents
every Saturday morning from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for the duration of the Charles A. Lowe exhibition.

lowe-windowCharles A. Lowe Photos: Gloucester 1975

Charlie Lowe was a deceptively great artist possessed unconsciously,
with an extraordinary ability to universalize what he saw in life.  It was
given to him, through his eyes to open ours. His wondrous images guide
us to the perception of something around us, in others, in ourselves,
that was truthful, essential, natural, optimistic I think, poignantly
human, and the essence of our Gloucester.
Joe Garland, foreword essay to Lowe’s book A Portrait of Gloucester, 1983.

From the archives of the Museum, a selection of Gloucester photos from the year 1975 by Charles A. Lowe, photographer for the Gloucester Daily Times from 1957 -1981.
The exhibition is organized by former editor of the Gloucester Daily Times, Peter Watson, and Fred Buck, photo archivist for the Museum.

**An 80 page exhibition catalogue will accompany the exhibition.
It is for sale through the Museum Shop for $25.00.

Copies of photographs from the Charles A. Lowe Archives are also available for purchase. Call the Museum’s Library/Archives for more information,
(978) 283-0455, ext. 19.

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Remarks at 3:30 p.m.

Slide presentation with Peter Watson, former editor, The Gloucester Daily Times
Saturday, March 21 at 3:00 p.m.

Both events are free and open to the public.

Support for this exhibition is generously provided by
the Cape Ann Savings Bank,
the Gloucester Daily Times and the Cricket Press.

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