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Howard Liberman FSA OWI Gloucester Photos

Catherine Ryan Submits- CROSS-COUNTRY CHRONICLE Gloucester, MA in landmark FSA/OWI documentary photographs Part 3 American Photographer HOWARD LIBERMAN 150 FSA/OWI photos in Gloucester, MA, September 1942 Hey, Joey, Here is Part 3 in a series about Gloucester photographs in the … Continue reading

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Fred Bodin Has Some Mack Daddy Gloucester T Shirts (and a killer attack lobster)

Check Out Bodin Historic Photo and get you some Gloucester Swag. I use the Gloucester mug he gave me for my birthday every day of the week.

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Harbortown Cultural District Update From Cat Ryan

Cat Ryan submits- Harbortown Cultural District will be included in an upcoming AAA publication featuring 10 cultural districts! Also look for some breaking tech news. Our Harbortown cultural district joined forces with the 3 other Cape Ann Cultural Districts (Harbortown, … Continue reading

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Please Welcome New Official Contributor Fred Bodin

Well he’s been contributing unofficially for quite some time now so I figured Fred has earned his stripes and a key to the GMG posting dashboard.  Fred has shown an ability to create interesting posts, not make it all about … Continue reading

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Pigeon Cove, "Maine?"

Fred Bodin submits- HBO Filming in Pigeon Cove, “Maine?” As I was driving to work this morning, I saw major activity at the old Cape Ann Tool Company site in Rockport (MA). Then I saw the lighting truck, then the … Continue reading

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Adventure Returns, 1988

Fred Bodin Submits- Schooner Adventure came home to Gloucester in 1988, twenty five years ago. The arrival was a grand event, and included the USCG, many private boats, and a blimp. Celebrations continued after she docked. The honoring of Adventure … Continue reading

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Tuna, Truro, Magnolia, and the Fish Stick

Fred Bodin Submits- From the (Martha’s) Vinyard Gazette, circa 1951: ” John Sweek of Queen’s, NYC, secretary to a magistrate in his home city, is shown at left with his companions, Robert Collinson from Provincetown and John Kohr of Magnolia, … Continue reading

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Drive by Samaritans Strike Again!

Fred Bodin submits- Drive by Samaritans Strike Again! The first part of this installment can be found here This morning at 10 am the two Samaritans and their mothers came to my gallery to claim their rewards for finding $106 … Continue reading

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Drive by Samaritans and Good Eggs on Main Street

Fred Bodin Submits- Just after 7 pm tonight (8/20/13), two young ladies came into my gallery to look around after out dining together at Jalapeños next door. On their way out, they stopped at the counter and one of them … Continue reading

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Hail to the Chief!

Fred Bodin Submits- Chief Samuel George, of the Bear Clan of the Cayuga Nation, represents with his wife Debbie. They live in Cuba, NY, and will be vacationing here on Cape Ann next summer. I guess this is the first … Continue reading

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The New Gloucester Harbor and Monster Tuna

Fred Bodin Submits- Tonight (Sunday 8/18/13) Janet and I went to the final hour of the Waterfront Festival. After a brief stop in the gallery, we decided to take our cars to Captain Carlo’s for dinner, and on the way … Continue reading

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Gray’s Hardware post reached Texas–1896 Gray Pig Pin

Fred Bodin Submits I received an email yesterday from Attorney David Richards of Fort Worth, Texas. He read my post about Gray’s Hardware on GMG, and the fact that ancestor Lynn Gray said: “My dad, James Gray, used to ride … Continue reading

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Schooner Adventure Sails Again!

Schooner Adventure Sails Again! Yesterday, August 10th, was a historic day for Gloucester and the Schooner Adventure. For the first time in almost twenty years, the historic 1926 Essex–built knockabout schooner sailed Gloucester Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. This was … Continue reading

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Dead–Tired Blogging from the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar

Fred Bodin Submits- Dead–Tired Blogging from the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar The Sidewalk Bazaar was swarmed on the last day, as expected. It’s fun, fairly profitable, and exhausting. My potter Dave Matthews made a timely delivery of his mugs for the … Continue reading

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Fred Bodin Covers The 2013 Sidewalk Bazaar

Sidewalk Bazaar 2013 Thursdays during the Bazaar are usually very slow, but not this one, as you can see. We’re looking to the west toward the end of Main Street. Too busy to eat but famished, I escaped to Passports … Continue reading

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Three Generations Represent From Fred Bodin

Three Generations Represent Grandmother Eileen Donovan of Gloucester, Cheryl Baressi and her daughter Elizabeth Hynes (both from Brookline), represented in my gallery today. It astonishes me how nice people are, and are willing to be photographed for my FB and … Continue reading

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Birthday Mug Up From Fred Bodin

Birthday Mug Up The Birthday Mug Up party was a great success.  Friends and people walking by came in. All of the food was over the top, most of it being homemade. Thanks to all! Donuts anyone? We drank 1.5 … Continue reading

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