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GMG Ode To Bruce ManCast Podcast AKA The Blame It On Oprah Cast AKA Thank You Jesus For Yogapants Podcast AKA Chicken N Beer Podcast Taped 6/4/15


Yep, We Can’t Make Up Our Mind So We’re Soliciting Suggestions For Names For Our Estrogen-less Weekly Podcast

podcast_iconTaped 6/4/15 Featuring Frankie Gwynne, James Eves, Craig Kimberley and Host Joey Ciaramitaro.

Topics Include: The Inability To Come Up With a Podcast Name, The Grill Master Craig Kimberley Reviews Joey’s New STOK Grill, Bruce Jenner/Caitlin Jenner Is It The Big Deal That The Media Is Making It Out To Be?, Frankie Estimates How Many People Under 30 Pay For Cable/Home Phones, Being a Huge Fan Of Amazon Prime, Craig’s Dodgeball Footage, Frankie Just Back from Vegas, Sox Talk, The Paternity Suit In Which The Dude Was Only The Father Of One Twin and Won the Paternity Suit, Frankie’s Manilla Folder, Six Of The Worst Chain Meals In The USA, The Drunk Driver That Set Up His Own DUI Check Point With Road Flares and All, The Shrimp, The Ribeyes, Craig Fried and Then Grilled Our Chicken Wings With A Homeade Sauce, Cowboy Charcoal, The Corn On The Cob, The Cathardic Process of Charcoal Grilling Is Like Man Yoga Where You Zone Out Of Everything Else, The GMG Award For Small Businessman of The Year, Most Rewarding Part of Creating the Blog Is The Friendships that Are Created.




This is the final trailer in efforts to get your lazy ass, and your even lazier friend’s assesses, to The Damn Farm Bar & Grille for the world premier.

May 4th 7PM at The Farm Bar and Grille
REMEMBER! It’s all for a good cause! for more info on NEXT STEP, go to:

We will be starting with Kim Smith’s videos and finishing with Craig Kimberley’s 35 minute Bikini Speedo Dodgeball movie starring a cast of every man woman and child who attended this year’s event!

Frankie "The Liberty Bullet" Gwynne Is Ready To Lead Team Red, White and Blue Balls Deep Into This Year’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!

You may remember this Dodgeball phenom from last year’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball tournament when our boy Frankie debuted as “The Silver Bullet” but came up short in his quest for Dodgeball immortality.

But this year Frankie has re-focused and “re-branded” if you will as “The Liberty Bullet” and vows to lead his “Red White and Blue Balls” DEEP into the tournament.

Come on Down To The Farm Bar and Grille Sunday For What Will Be The Funnest Day You’ll Have All Year. 

Ryan Cox has already put together a reduced price outdoor menu featuring the Farm’s incredible pulled pork sandwiches and more!

Check out The 2nd Annual Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Event Page Here

The GMG Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge Video From Frankie The Silver Bullet Gwynne

Frankie “The Silver Bullet” Gwynne Straps On The Helmet Cam For this Incredibly Edited First Person DTF Burger Challenge Video!

This is the video Paul Morrison calls the best GMG Video ever.  I’m not sure I agree with that assessment but I will say it is right up there.  Why don’t you be the judge.

Be sure to check out the very end of the video when pandemonium ensues.